The Influencer Hack For Bringing Even The Most Basic Outfits To Life

We've all seen and envied them: the fabulous fashion influencers who somehow manage to make even the most basic casual outfit — like a monochromatic sweatsuit — look high-end and put together. Meanwhile, every time you try wearing your favorite comfy groutfit out of the house, you end up feeling like you better run back home before you end up being mistaken for an escaped inmate. How, you wonder, is it possible to take such unremarkably casual clothing items and elevate them so effortlessly?


Fortunately, you don't have to research the ways of the Instagram fashion influencer in their native habitat. We've spotted a pattern that reveals just how these beauties manage to pull off such a seemingly impossible feat. It all comes down to two factors: curated accessories and palpable self-confidence. Get ready to follow along if you're ready to put this easy fashion formula to work for your own wardrobe. 

Choose a signature accessory

The key to nailing the ability to instantly dress up any outfit you can get your hands on is to develop a signature accessory. This doesn't mean choosing a single accessory to pair with every outfit — it means matching your personality with a particular type of accessory. Are you someone who loves literature and wears the title of "nerd" with pride? Maybe bold glasses are your signature accessory.


Perhaps you already collect designer handbags, platform sneakers, or chunky earrings. In that case, all you have to do is start intentionally pairing them with outfits you would have previously considered too casual. No matter what you decide to focus on as your statement accessory, make sure it has a real tie to your individual style and who you are as a person. The joy that comes through when you pair items that represent you and the things you love with everyday casualwear is the secret ingredient you need.

Hone your confidence

While it may sound cliché, the most impactful accessory you can use to elevate your casual outfit is confidence. No matter what you're wearing, if you exude an aura of true belief in yourself and your fashion choices, others will follow that opinion. Your energy can affect the way you're perceived by others, regardless of your appearance. The challenging thing about confidence is that it can't be faked. If you don't truly believe that you look beautiful in your yoga pants and stilettos, no one else will believe it, either.


If confidence is where you struggle in your quest to pull off casualwear like an influencer, developing it should become your number one goal. Start by wearing your casual outfit and statement accessories around the house. Every time you walk past a mirror, stop to recognize all of the positives you see. Then, wear one of your new looks to gathering with loved ones you know will be supportive and complimentary. Once your confidence has been boosted and you feel comfortable in your skin, you may want to unveil your new look in public or on social media.