Neon Graphic Eye Inspiration That Just May Prove That Bold Is Better

When it comes to colorful makeup looks, it doesn't get much bolder than a neon graphic eye. Vivid and bright, even the subtlest neon eye makeup can make a major statement. If trying neon eye makeup feels daunting, don't fret — there are so many ways to rock a neon look, from show-stopping to toned-down. Neon eye makeup comes in almost any vibrant shade you could wish for, including highlighter yellows, lime greens, fluorescent pinks, and icy blues. You can choose from neon eyeshadows and eyeliners, or even bright neon mascaras and false eyelashes to add a colorful finishing touch to your eye makeup. 

These options open up a world of creativity for makeup lovers who want to create impactful makeup looks (and embrace the summer neoncore trend). Whether you're experimenting with a full-lid neon eyeshadow or just adding a neon inner eye highlight to your everyday makeup, neon eye makeup deserves a spot in your cosmetics bag.

Neon makeup doesn't need to be intimidating, in fact, it can be pretty wearable and is a low-effort way to make your eye makeup pop. We've rounded up some of our favorite neon eye makeup inspirations, from rainbow cut creases to simple neon graphic liner looks. Maybe one of these neon graphic eye looks might even make it into your everyday rotation!


This look proves that you don't need to shy away from neon makeup, even if you like toned-down looks. And why stop at one neon color? This simple eye makeup look shows how you can add not just one, but multiple neon products to your routine while keeping it relatively subtle. To recreate this look, choose a light and bright color for a neon inner eye highlight and a deeper neon color to create a natural winged liner. Despite using neon colors, this eye look is still a pretty basic one, so it works with a nice bold lip.

Subtle but glamorous

A light wash of neon eyeshadow gives this makeup look its bright finishing touch. The main focus of this look isn't its neon eye colors — it's the bold eyeliner, dark lip, and blushed cheeks that draw you in. But the light, slightly neon orange lid color and bright lower lash line color make this look somehow feel vivid but soft at the same time. It's such a glam choice for a night out on the town.

Neon lid

If you're relatively new to doing your own makeup (or if you just don't use eyeshadow that often), using a bunch of eyeshadow colors can feel intimidating. In that case, go for a single-color neon lid. This look also uses some neutral base colors to create dimension, but it will look just as bold with only neon yellow. Pack the neon eyeshadow below your eyelid crease to get a similar look.

Neon cut crease

On the other hand, if you're an eyeshadow pro, a detailed neon cut crease might be the look for you. With its different shades and colors, a cut crease look like this really lets you flex your makeup artistry skills, and neon colors make the look all the more bold. We love how this eye makeup sticks with warm yellows, oranges, and reds to make the finished look more cohesive overall.

Neon winged liner

You don't need to stray far from your usual makeup routine to incorporate neon makeup, especially if you have a neon liquid liner. Just swap out your usual black liquid liner for a neon option to get this look. At the end of the day, it's just a basic winged liner, but the color gives it so much more with that neon pop.

Neon bottom liner

If a neon winged liner feels a little too dramatic, a swipe of neon lower lash liner is a subtler alternative. Use either a neon eyeliner pencil or a neon eyeshadow to get this look. Add color to the inner corner of your eye to really make the vivid shade stand out, or just stick with only lining your lower lash line for a toned-down neon look.

Artistic doodles

There are a lot of ways to add more personality to a neon look. Little drawings can make your makeup look all the more cute and artistic. Some ideas include drawings of flowers, hearts, or stars. Pair it with a neon eyeshadow color for an all-around bright eye look. This idea is so beautifully eye-catching, and it's sure to fetch you a compliment or two.

Pretty in pink

This look absolutely has that "wow" factor. While the makeup is sharp and the star detail is fabulous, it's really the color that stands out here. Pink from top to bottom, this neon makeup look is monochromatic but uses a few different shades. Sticking to one color theme really ties this look together. It's easiest to do with shades like pink, red, or orange (colors that can work on your lid, cheeks, and lips).

Light neon wash

While artistic neon eye looks have a special place in our hearts, there's no need to overcomplicate your neon look. A light application of neon eyeshadow looks picture-perfect for a fun everyday eye makeup idea. A neon hue can really make your eyes pop. To keep it lowkey and suitable for any setting, add a light coat of mascara.

Inner corner highlight

This inner-corner neon look really shows how just a little bit of neon can make a huge impact. Without the orange, this eye makeup is stunning but basic. The orange inner corner highlight takes it to a new level entirely. This eye makeup style is easy to recreate and is so fun for a concert or festival makeup look. Just pack your neon eyeshadow into your inner eye corner — use less for a gentler look, and pack on more for a bolder effect.

Graphic liner

Graphic liner designs can become instantly more vivid and exciting with a neon liner. You can use a neon liner on its own, or pair it with another eyeliner color for even more definition. If you go for a more daring graphic liner design like this one, it's best to pair it with a neutral lip color to keep the focus on your eyes.

High-gloss neon

A high-gloss eyeshadow look can really take your makeup to the next level — it's so shiny, chic, and makes you look like a pro makeup artist. We love the wet look neon shadow. It looks like it belongs on the cover of a magazine but is also wearable for a night out or a special event when you want to look extra cool.

Add some gems

When it comes to a standout makeup look, combining vivid colors and gems just makes sense. The two can make a really beautiful pair and a truly show-stopping makeup look. This neon graphic eye look is playful but delicate. By using spots of color, it's able to incorporate several neon hues without going overboard.

Color gradient

Using more than one color in an eyeshadow look gives it so much more dimension. To really bring this idea to the next level, create a color gradient with your chosen color palette. It helps to use similar colors (like the yellow, green, and blue shades in this look). Fade the colors from light in your inner eye corner to darkest in the outer corner, and add a bit of a wing at the end to get a cat-eye effect.

Mismatched colors

Choosing different eyeshadow colors for each eye sounds a little crazy in theory. But in practice? It can look absolutely stunning. With the right execution, a mismatched neon-eye look can be so artistic. To keep it cohesive, incorporate similar colors on each eye. For example, use blue and purple on each eye but in different shades.

Create a print

If you've been looking to create a patterned look, using neon makeup is one way to make it stand out even more. Depending on the level of detail in your pattern, you can use a mix of eyeshadow, pencil eyeliner, and liquid eyeliner to get the right mix of shading and sharp lines. This leopard print neon look is truly a work of art.

Rounded eye look

While slanted, almond-shaped cat eye and fox eye looks have been all the rage lately, we still love a rounded eye makeup moment. This eye makeup shape is youthful and can make your eye appear more rounded and open. The neon green and yellow colors just add even more character to this look.

Bright smoky eye

You don't need dark colors to create a perfect smoky eye. Turns out bright colors can give the same effect but all the more vibrant! The trick is in the blending. This neon graphic eye look beautifully blends neon yellow on the eyelid into neon orange around the eye. To get a similar look, pay special attention to shading out the borders to get that smoky effect.

Cat eye

Sultry and seductive, you can't go wrong with a classic cat eye makeup shape. To give your cat eye more excitement, recreate the shape using neon colors. You can choose bright colors or go for a more muted neon, like the yellow, green, and blue shades in this photo. Use black or dark brown eyeliner for part of the look to keep the traditional cat eye effect.

Neon brows

Neon colors don't need to stay on your lid. Neon eyebrows are the next step to a super creative makeup look. Just neon brows alone might look a little out of place, so make sure to pair them with dramatic neon eyeshadow or eyeliner. Choose a brow color that matches your shadow or liner to make your eye makeup look more uniform.

Colorful lashes

There's another way to incorporate vivid neon color into your makeup look, and that's with colorful mascara. If brown and black mascara are starting to feel a little too conventional, choose a new mascara hue. This blue mascara look is distinctive but not over the top. Adding even more neon to the mix, the neon blue inner corner and bright pink eyeshadow give this look a sweet cotton candy-inspired vibe.

Add a neon lip

Ever tried a neon lip color? It's a little more out there, but it will make your makeup look truly impossible to miss. Once again, it just makes sense to pair a neon lip with neon eye makeup. Since a bold eye and a bold lip can be overwhelming, choose complementary colors to make sure the two don't clash.

Dramatic eye look

Neon colors can really bring the drama to an eye makeup look. A drag-inspired exaggerated eye look is the perfect canvas for bright neon shades. When you go this big, there's no such thing as too much, so pack on the colors to your heart's content and make sure to finish with a fluttery set of false eyelashes.

Add some sparkle

Many neon shadows are so bright that they look like they almost sparkle — but you won't get that truly sparkly effect unless you add the real thing. Layer a sparkly eyeshadow, eyeliner, or cosmetic glitter onto your neon graphic eye look to give it that extra oomph. It will look so pretty when the light catches the sparkles just right.

Rainbow lid

Finishing this list off with a bang is this lively rainbow look, which incorporates no fewer than six neon shades. When you have this many colors going on, it just makes sense to create a rainbow pattern. Neon eyeshadow makes this rainbow lid as bright as possible and is the perfect choice for an event where you want your eye makeup to be the star of the show.