How To Master The Graphic And Playful Floating Crease Eyeliner Look

If you feel excited yet overwhelmed by the massive sea of eyeliner trends, tips, and tricks you find on social media and in magazines, you're not the only one. While it's thrilling to discover so many different ways to accentuate our eyes with our liner every day, it can be hard to determine which techniques are best for all of our unique eyes. Of course, some timeless looks are stunning whenever done correctly, such as a bit of liner on the waterline for instant enhancement or a dramatic wing for sexy glamour, whether you use liquid or pencil eyeliner.

However, some eyeliner looks are more compatible with specific eye shapes, which can lead to disappointment for anyone with a different eye shape than the model or influencer in the commercial or YouTube tutorial. For instance, it's famously challenging to nail winged liner looks on hooded eyes. But unlike traditional wings and some other well-liked eyeliner designs, floating eyeliner looks good with various eye shapes, so everyone can try this fun and unconventional liner technique. All you have to do is draw a line above your eyelid crease; it doesn't have to be perfect, so just be creative with it.

Try a white liner for a brightening effect

Yes, of course, you'll look striking wearing black floating eyeliner, as the dark graphic look will be perfect for anyone who wants to use makeup to harness their dark feminine energy. However, if you'd prefer to lean into the playful energy of the floating look to give off brighter and more youthful vibes, white eyeliner might be the better choice for the vibe you want to exude.

Go for a smoky or softer effect

The floating eyeliner look is typically bold and more eye-catching than many softer eyeliner trends and classic designs. The intensity of the graphic look is ideal for helping you make a statement and serving as the most prominent aspect of your makeup, but the floating line doesn't have to be too intense if you don't want that. Try pressing lighter with your liner, using a more subtle shade — such as gray instead of black or white — or carefully blending the eyeliner for a more low-key spin on the look.

Don't be afraid to get close to your brows

Typically, the graphic floating line is on your eyelid and draws attention to your unique eyelid crease, but that's not what the look has to be about if you'd rather use the liner to draw attention to your eyebrows. If you'd prefer to make this look more about your brows than your eyelid crease, draw the line directly under your eyebrows, following their shapes. This approach will enhance your eyebrows and their shapes, whether angular, round, straight, thick, or thin.

Consider an ombré effect

Anyone who wants a more dynamic look should try incorporating an ombré effect into their floating liner design. Not only will the ombré potentially soften the look, but it can also add more edge or personality to the design, depending on the colors you use. This technique is more advanced but is worth learning — if you're willing to try it. Consider experimenting with black and plum liners for a striking look or pink and white hues for a soft, girly vibe.

Rock a daring color

You didn't seriously think we'd forget the boldest option, did you? If you plan to make your floating crease eyeliner look as daring as possible, use a lively, bright color for a nontraditional and exciting look. Whether you draw the line in red, yellow, orange, purple, or teal, you'll make a wild statement with your makeup.