How To Pull Off The Unbuttoned Jeans Trend - Without Looking Like You Forgot To Finish Dressing

In a way, we're thankful for TikTok's influence on fashion. Not only does the app help us stay in the loop about what looks are in and out, but it also tends to encourage cozier, more playful, and realistic clothing rather than overly formal ensembles. But some TikTok fashion trends seem on the borderline of comfy and weird — yes, we're talking about TikTok's newest Clowncore fashion trend. And don't even get us started on TikTok's viral wearable sleeping bag fashion trend. The cozy yet odd trends don't stop at Clowncore and wearing sleeping bags; now, you can add wearing jeans without buttoning them to the list of oddly trendy looks.

This trend probably sounds surprising at first, as forgetting to button your jeans was typically more embarrassing than stylish in the past. But what was once embarrassing is trendy in 2023. TikTok user @issywhitlock posted a video trying the trend with the words, "Really can't work out if I love or hate this unbuttoned jeans trend." If you're also on the fence about this trend, we have some tips to help you pull it off if you decide to give it a chance.

Show off some sexy panties

One way to pull off the unbuttoned jeans look is to go for a provocative look rather than forgetful, and an easy way to do that is to show a flirty pair of panties. Whether it's a lacy pair, flattering bikini cut, bold red pair, or clean white pair, wearing one of your hottest pairs of underwear under your jeans will make it clear that leaving them unbuttoned was not an accident.

Wear a bra on top

Go for an intentionally undressed look by wearing a bra with nothing over it and unbuttoned jeans. Of course, this combination won't be appropriate for some settings — including most office jobs or the grocery store — but it will look hot for nights out at fun bars or summer parties, and romantic date nights.

Rock a crop top

Do you want to show some skin but not as much skin as you'd display wearing a bra as a top? Wear your unbuttoned jeans with your favorite crop top! The combination will still appear sexy and trendy but tamer than just wearing a bra as a top.

Wear the jeans over a long top, mini dress, or bodysuit

FYI, you don't have to show off underwear to flaunt unbuttoned jeans. If you're curious about the trend but aren't comfortable showing your panties, wear the jeans over a long, body-hugging top, mini dress, or bodysuit to avoid flashing your undergarments.

Try it with denim shorts

Wearing unbuttoned jean shorts is a cute, trendy, and casual vibe for warm and hot weather. Not only will wearing unbuttoned jean shorts help you stay more comfortable in the heat, but you'll look hot, too. Plus, shorts typically appear more casual and flirty than jeans, so wearing these shorter garments is an excellent way to ease into the unbuttoned look.