The Incredibly Easy Hair Hack That Adds Length To Your Ponytail

A good ponytail can go a long way. With a few simple steps, it's easy to achieve the perfect power ponytail. Once you find the right ponytail for your face shape, the possibilities become endless. However, sometimes we want a long, luxurious ponytail. Sadly, due to hair length, some of us just can't achieve it. It can be a frustrating reality, especially for those of us who want to put our hair up in an updo and continue on with our day. 

While lengthening the tail of a pony might seem like a simple thing to do, some would like to do so without going through the trouble of adding hair extensions, products, or tedious hair tools. To resolve that issue, fellow social media users are showing easy ways to extend the ponytail in only a few minutes via TikTok. In turn, this hack could be your go-to look during summer. 

How to lengthen your ponytail

When creating a long ponytail, this might be the easiest trick for your hair yet. While this hack has been around before TikTok, it has been making waves for its simplicity. You only need a couple of hair ties and a rat tail comb. Once you have everything ready, start by sectioning your hair horizontally into two parts. From there, tie the top section of the hair up. Then you'll want to do the same with the bottom half, making sure both ponytails are nicely aligned. We know it looks weird, but trust us! From there, fluff the top section of the hair to conceal the second ponytail. In turn, this look should create a beautiful, effortless ponytail that is significantly longer than if you just did a regular high ponytail.

Although anybody could benefit from this, the trick is particularly good for people who have short hair, like a bob, but still want the look of a glamorous ponytail.

Tips for a good ponytail

While this trick might be super easy on its own, there are a few tips to get the best out of your ponytail. For one, it's important not to create ponytails that are too tight. This is because tight ponytails have the power to cause migraines and headaches. Not only that but over a long period of time, people have been known to suffer from traction alopecia. In fact, the experts at Healthline describe traction alopecia as a condition caused by constantly pulling the hair, resulting in hair loss.

What you use to hold up your ponytail is also very important. While rubber bands could be convenient to use, Sophie MacCorquadale, a trichologist and colorist at Salon Sloane explained to Byrdie that it does more harm than good. "Rubber bands create friction and rub the hair follicle in an isolated area, and this is what causes damage to the cuticle layers, " she told the publication. Plus, the friction from the rubber band eventually wears away at the cuticle, she added. This eventually leads to weak hair and irreversible damage.