The Viral Lip Lift Hack That Makes You Look Like You're Always Smiling With Just Makeup

In theory, it's not wise to judge a book by its cover, as looks can be deceitful and beauty vain. In reality, it's easier said than done. And those with a "resting biatch face" can totally relate to this. Have you ever had people come up to you and ask you questions like "What's your problem?" or "Would it kill you to smile more?" when you're perfectly calm and content?

That happens to lots of people, especially those whose facial features are slightly angled or downturned, giving the impression that they're always frowning or tightening their lips in discontent. (Think Kourtney Kardashian, Madonna, or Kristen Stewart.) Sometimes it seems that if you don't smile, people assume you have something against them.

Having a face that betrays your mood and personality can discourage people from getting to know the real you and make it difficult to have a fulfilling social life. But the good news is, it can be fixed. Of course, we're not talking about getting plastic surgery to alter the default setting of your face or forcing a goofy smile when you don't feel up to it. A little makeup will do the trick sans the risk of side effects. Below, check out this viral TikTok lip lift hack that makes you look like you're perpetually smiling even when you're not.

A lip liner can give your lip a lift

According to TikTok user kali.ledger, who shared the trick, a lip liner is all you need to engender a resting smiley face. "I look like I'm smiling but I'm not," she says. In the clip, Kali uses a Soft Blur lip liner with a silky-smooth texture and matte finish in the shade of Foxy by EM Cosmetics.

After contouring her lips and smudging it out, Kali uses the same lip liner to create a tiny, upward wing at the corner of her mouth to slightly lift it up. Then, she uses her nail to blend it out in an upward direction to soften the visible lines, creating a seamless transition between her actual lip line and the fake muscle lift. With a slightly raised shadow at the corners of her mouth, Kali looks like she's making a genuine, subtle smile by default.

Kali completes her high-shine, fuller-looking pout by applying a lip gloss to her lips. "So now I can walk around in public minding my own business and having a really friendly expression," concludes Kali.

The importance of a friendly face

If you're stuck with a stony poker face and you're not the type of person who smiles a lot either, this lip-lining trick will make your life so much easier. People are attracted to a pleasant, welcoming face that makes them feel comfortable, in both social and corporate settings. You'll be more likely to be offered help from strangers, make more friends, and receive preferential treatment at work.

"A face that is open, smiling and turned straight toward the other person, where the lines are wrinkled around the eyes — that is a face that says, 'I feel safe and ready to be close to, and engage with you, and I am not a danger to you,'" psychotherapist and relationship counselor Dr. Dan Auerbach tells According to Dr. Auerbach, learning to feel more secure in the presence of those around you is the ideal way to naturally serve up a friendlier face. A psychotherapist can help you in this matter. When your confidence and friendliness stem from inside you, your outward expression will be effortless and in sync with your energy.

Although a friendly face can go a long way, you should not feel pressured to make changes to the default setting that gives your face its natural appearance. A little makeup and smiling practice might draw people to you in the first place, but at the end of the day, they will choose to stay with you for who you really are.