7 Outdated Summer Fashion Trends We Won't Be Beating The Heat In

Fashion trends: They come and they go season after season, year after year. If you're a trendy fashionista, this isn't news to you, and you're likely able to spot changes in trends on your own. If you're a regular Josephine, however, just looking to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb this summer thanks to your clueless fashion choices, you might need a little help keeping track of what's in style and what's out. That's where we come in.

When it comes to summer 2023, we've done all the research for you. We used our internet superpowers to track down exactly which trends you'll want to be sure to avoid when you hit the summer block party this year and some of them might just surprise you. The following styles will be officially considered outdated this summer and should be replaced with more modern summer 2023 fashion trends

Micro skirts

As maxi and midi skirts have soared to popularity all throughout the spring season, micro skirts have continued their nosedive back into obscurity. If you're ready to skip leg day now and then, don't hesitate to donate these relics and jump on the longer skirt bandwagon this summer. 

High-waisted bottoms

These years of high-waisted bottoms being fashionable once again have been especially appreciated by us who don't strive to have the flattest bellies in the room. However, nothing can stop the trend wheel from turning and the time is once again upon us for low-rise denim options to reign supreme. 

Leggings as pants

Some people have always insisted that leggings are not interchangeable with pants and today, those people can consider themselves correct — at least for this season. While it's still safe to throw a pair of leggings on under your sundresses, they are out as a standalone for summer 2023.

Cold shoulder sleeves

Cold-shoulder sleeves are a classic option for those who enjoy feeling the summer breeze without putting their full arms on display. The style has officially run its course, however — at least for now. Instead, we're reaching for traditional sleeves or even sleeveless tops for summer 2023 fashion.


Joggers — the cornerstone of many a groutfit — are officially on their way out for summer 2023. Simply swap them out for a wide-leg lounge or sweatpants for an easy upgrade you can reach for on those chilly nights spent sitting around the campfire roasting marshmallows and sharing ghost stories. 

Distressed denim

Don't worry, denim shorts are still a perfectly viable option to reach for in summer 2023. Ripped and/or distressed versions, however, are looking pretty outdated these days. Stick to more polished, intact denim options, if you'd like to be considered fashionable at the next casual warm-weather event you attend.

Sheath dresses

Sheath dresses have enjoyed their last day in the sun, for the time being. This summer, rigid and conservative is out, and fun and flowy is in. Try swapping your sheath dress for a whimsical maxi dress, a casual shirt dress, or a high-low sundress. If you work in an office, of course, save the sheaths for business purposes. Let the summer countdown begin!