Nude Chrome Nails Are The Simple, Elegant Manicure Trend We're Loving

Chrome nails have been everywhere recently and for good reason. Not only are chrome manicures flexible and adaptable for any nail shape, but they can also easily go with any style. We've seen how chrome has transcended far beyond nails to also become a staple beauty trend. However, there's no better way of showing off the chrome trend than showcasing them on your nails. The chrome effect is an easy way of elevating any typical modern nail design. From various colors to French manicures, there are plenty of ways you can introduce chrome into your nails. Thankfully for minimalist nail lovers everywhere, the latest manicure trend will have all of the chrome without the color. Nude chrome nails are the latest trends to take over nail salons as they make a perfectly elegant design that still has some texture to them.

While many will look at nude chrome manicures as strictly bridal nails, they're also simple nails that can bring something polished and subtle. If you're ready to bring something unique to your nails, but don't want to overdo your design, nude chrome nails are the best place to start.

Nude chrome nails

Nude chrome nails are the perfect way to show off elegance with a little glam. Apply nude nail polish and follow up with chrome polish for that special texture. Not only will this manicure go with most of your wardrobe, but it will be a great accent for your jewelry. With the chrome finish, you can get some silver that will highlight silver jewelry. On the other hand, gold jewelry will pair well with the warmth of nude nail polish. Perfect to wear with your engagement ring or everyday jewelry, nude chrome nails are a wonderful base for all looks.

Subtle nude chrome nails

One of the reasons why many prefer to go with nude nails is the fact that they are a subtle color that won't distract from your overall look. Adding a chrome finish doesn't mean you have to take away from the minimalism. Simply add a light layer of chrome finish onto your nail for just a hint of texture. While it won't completely transform your nails, it will still give you enough texture that will reflect under the light.

High-shine nude chrome nails

On the other hand, if you're someone who enjoys a little more shine, it might be worth doubling up on your chrome finish. Add an extra layer (or two!) of your chrome finish to give your nude nails an extra sparkle. While it may change the chrome finish, you'll have shinier nails that give more glam. A high-shine detail is perfect for those looking for an easy manicure that still is fun and unique.

Ombre nude chrome manicure

Ombre nails will always be an easy way to change up your nails. Although many have the idea that an ombre is a statement design, there's a way to make it an elegant and polished manicure look. Add white polish to the tops of your nude nails for a very subtle change. While not an exaggerated ombre effect, the difference between nude and white will still give you some contrast. Adding your chrome finish to blend both polishes and create an entirely new look.

Nude chrome and your nail shape

Picking out your nail design is only half of the problem when it comes to your manicures. The other issue is choosing the right nail shape that will complement your design. While many designs are flexible, some require more length and a certain shape. However, nude chrome nails are one of the rare instances where you can show it off no matter the length or shape of your nails. Short or long, square or almond, you can rest assured that nude chrome nails are going to look fantastic on you either way.