Sea Glass Nails Are The Summer Trend That Keeps The Ocean's Beauty In Your Everyday Look

If you've ever spent some time walking along the beach, you've likely seen pieces of sea glass tucked into mounds of sand or rocks. Sea glass isn't just a reminder of all the beauty that nature holds; it's also the newest trend taking over nail salons. With summer all but here, it's only fair to want to hold these gorgeous pieces of nature at your fingertips at all times. Aquatic-themed trends like oyster nails and pearl nails have been nodding to ocean life throughout the year, but if you ask us, sea glass nails are the cream of the crop.

Sea glass nails' beauty lies in the versatility and freedom you have to create any nail design you want with them. Like sea glass itself, there are many colors and textures to play with, giving you the perfect base to create a unique design. Whether you go with a traditional manicure or something with more fun, sea glass nails are the ultimate way to usher in summer.

Sparkly sea glass nails

If you've ever had the opportunity to accumulate various pieces of sea glass at once, you know they give you a beautiful shine and sparkle. Even when picking them up, it's hard to ignore the sparkle of the beach's sand. Channel that into your nails by adding a coat of colorful specks of glitter and sparkle. Use aquatic-inspired colors to give you the perfect sea glass color palette, and finish with a sparkly top coat for extra shine.

Shimmery and colorful sea glass nails

Because sparkles are so essential for achieving a sea glass-inspired manicure, you want to incorporate them whenever you can. However, another essential component of this nail trend is using the right color palette. Shades of green and blue are the most common hues you'll see in sea glass, making them the perfect nail color base for your manicures. Add a light or heavy layer of shimmer on top of the nail, but don't forget to use your favorite sea glass shades.

Specks of sea glass shades

Sea glass can come in various sizes, big or small. Therefore, we recommend channeling specks of sea glass rather than making your entire nail a piece of sea glass. Start with a neutral base and add specks of blue or green confetti on top. Using a light or neutral color base will help your confetti pop and shine against the light. You don't need to go over the top to capture the beauty of sea glass; a simple layer of confetti is take your nails seaside.

Wet sea glass nails

There's no sea glass without the power of the ocean. Give your nails the same ocean-tumbled treatment by adding some bubble effects. Bubble nails themselves have been popular in recent years, and the trend is now resurfacing as a way to complement the sea glass nail trend, creating a chic water effect across your nail's surface.

Vibrant sea glass nails

Sea glass often comes in darker or muted shades of blue and green; however, there's no need to limit yourself to desaturated shades. Vibrant hues of blue and green can still give you the look of sea glass but with a little more cheer. After all, summer is the time to increase your vibrancy and saturation and rock some bolder hues. We especially recommend reaching for turquoise.