Fringe Dresses Are Our Favorite Super-Extra Fashion Trend Right Now - Here's How To Style Them

Fringe has made its way back around the trend cycle and into the limelight once again, and there are many ways to embrace this trend. The eye-catching accent may just qualify as one of the oldest fashion trends known to man, tracing back to 3000 B.C. — when a man's fringe was so unique and treasured it was used as his signature stamp on clay contracts! The classic full fringe dress we know and love came to be during the 1920s when flappers were in need of a dress that would allow them to move freely while still captivating the audience. 

This summer, fringe dresses are set to have a major modern moment, but there's no reason to worry if a classic flapper-style fringe dress isn't for you. There's a whole world of dresses out there featuring fringe; you just have to find the type that speaks to you. Consider this your guide to finding the right fringe dress for summer 2023 and styling it to perfection.

Classic fringe

When it comes to the perfect dress for dancing the night away, flappers had it figured out. A classic, iridescent fully-fringed dress just can't be beat. While it clings enough to show off your figure, it's loose enough for you to pull out all your favorite dance moves, and the shimmery fringe moves as if it has a mind of its own. Pair with minimal jewelry to let the dress really shine. 

Fringe accents

If you're looking to create a flawless hourglass figure, keep your eye out for a bodice ruffle dress with fringe accents. The fringe detailing at the bust and near the bottom hem creates the appearance of flaring out at those areas, leaving your waist looking absolutely snatched. Elongate your silhouette with a pair of sky-high heels to take it over the top.

Fringe hem

Looking to get your fringe game on without necessarily ending up with all eyes on you? Check out a dress that only features fringe at the hem. This style allows for some extra movement on the dance floor and a pop of extra visual interest without entirely stealing the show. 

Pastel fringe

Classic fringe dresses are commonly found in shimmery shades of black, silver, and gold. If you're ready to jump on the fringe bandwagon right this very second, why not take a cue from Mother Nature and opt for a uniquely spring hue? Nothing pays homage to Easter season like rocking a pastel blue, pink, green, or yellow festive fringe dress. Combine with silver or white shoes and accessories to keep the look light. 

Fringe sleeves

For those who prefer both a unique take on fringe and a more traditional fit, consider a fitted gown with fringe sleeves. Rather than stemming from the body of the dress, this style features fringe that attaches to the bottom of a half sleeve, creating the appearance of a long sleeve. 

Firetruck red fringe

Calling all certified scene stealers: The only way to up the attention-grabbing capabilities of a classic fringe dress is to wear it in a bright, bold shade of red. Combine this unforgettable number with a sultry smoky eye and a red lip for a full-on smoke show on the dance floor. 

Contrasting fringe

Feeling the tug to try out fringe but afraid to step away from a particular style of little black dress? No worries — you can find fringe adorning nearly every style of dress as this trend expands to the mainstream. Look for a bright, bold fringe color on your next black dress to move toward incorporating more fun in your wardrobe, or add some to a dress you already own by following this easy YouTube tutorial.