Knee-Length Skirts Are The Middle-Ground Trend Coming Back In Style

Fashion enthusiasts are always looking for refreshing ways to pull off a maxi skirt, as these long skirts are stylish for days when you want to cover up in a longer length but still feel like rocking a skirt. Meanwhile, tiny miniskirts were a Y2K fashion staple and are arguably more popular in 2023 than they ever were before, as trendy individuals are rocking miniskirts from summer to fall to spring — and even winter with boots, tights, or leggings. Focusing on these short and long skirts, the fashion world has been sleeping on knee-length skirts for a long time. However, knee-length looks are finally having a moment in 2023, as these medium-length garments provide the perfect balance between shorter and longer options.

"As seen in Miu Miu's Milan Fashion Week show, knee-length skirts are making a comeback ... the formerly 'ugly' and difficult-to-get-right trend has been benefitting from the current resurgence of all things '90s, and searches for knee skirts have increased by 81% since January," Morgane Le Caer, a fashion expert and content editor at Lyst, told Who What Wear. Not to be confused with the midi skirt — which are typically much longer than knee-length but shorter than maxi skirts — the practical knee-length skirt trend is super versatile.

Look sexy in a figure-hugging garment

The outdated assumption that all knee-length skirts are boring is wrong! Knee-length skirts can be flattering and sexy, especially if you choose one that hugs your body to accentuate and show off your curves. A figure-hugging knee-length skirt is excellent for when you want to look alluring, but you don't want to wear something as short as a miniskirt.

Explore various patterns

Another way to ensure that your knee-length skirt will appear anything but boring is to choose one with a beautiful pattern. Some attractive prints include polka dots, stripes, animal prints, plaids, and florals. Don't be afraid to look for lively patterns when shopping for a knee-length skirt, as even the most practical lengths can be bold and eye-catching, thanks to exciting and intriguing prints.

Opt for a fun hue

If you prefer skirts with solid hues over patterns but want something more exciting than a classic, understated neutral look, search for a knee-length garment in a color you enjoy. Some stylish options include royal blue, bright red, upbeat yellow, and playful pink. Once you have a knee-length skirt in the color you like, pair it with a black or white top for a balanced look, letting the knee-length skirt be the outfit's focal point.

Denim options are cute

Who says denim skirts should only be mini, maxi, and midi lengths? Knee-length denim skirts are just as stylish as longer or shorter denim options and are arguably more versatile. You can dress a knee-length denim skirt up or down depending on where you wear it, while super-short options almost always appear casual — making them near impossible to dress up — and longer options aren't as convenient for low-key looks.

Ruffle details are adorable

Ruffles are back, so add them to your closet by investing in a knee-length skirt with ruffle designs. Pieces with ruffles can appear subtle, dramatic, or anywhere in between, depending on the garment. For instance, a knee-length skirt with some tiny ruffle details at the bottom will appear subtle and sweet, while an option covered in more dramatic ruffles will appear bold and trendy. Either way, ruffle details are excellent for girly, flirty looks.

Add sassy stockings, leg-warmers, leggings, or tights

One more fun way to add some additional character to your knee-length skirts is to wear them with leggings, stockings, or other items that will cover at least part of your legs. Whether you wear garments that match your skirt, opt for contrast, or choose a lively design, you'll be adding another stylish aspect to your ensemble. Not only can these pieces elevate your outfits, but they'll keep you warm on cold days, allowing you to wear knee-length skirts when it's chilly and windy.