Snakeskin Is The En-Vogue Animal Print Of The Year - Here's How To Wear It

Animal print is one trend that consistently stays on our radar, but, depending on the year, the type of animal print in demand changes. This year, leopard print is stashed away and replaced by the reign of snakeskin. The pattern has made its way back onto our radars, as fashion lovers have re-discovered the maximal, yet neutral look. It's even one Britney Spears donned back in 2000. Snakeskin is also loved for its versatility, as it can be applied to a variety of different fashion favorites.

Celebrities such as Kendall Jenner and Jennifer Lopez are two of the many who have rocked the look in recent memory. A longtime lover of animal prints, Kim Kardashian even posted to Instagram wearing a Dolce & Gabanna snakeskin gown complete with a matching choker. If you aren't looking to go full-glam like Kardashian but still looking to hop on the trend this season, we have you covered. We have curated six ways to incorporate the snakeskin print into your closet.

On your favorite handbag

Snakeskin is a top pick for patterned handbags. Affordable luxury brands, such as Rebecca Minkoff, as well as high-end designers including Gucci have options that sport snakeskin. The print is nothing short of accessible for all budgets and a great way to add more dimension to any look.

On a pair of flared pants

A favorite across multiple aesthetics is the snakeskin flared pant. Lovers of the western aesthetic are often seen in the pants paired with a graphic tee and turquoise accessories. This is the opposite of those who prefer a chic and edgy aesthetic, as seen in the photo above where snakeskin flares are paired with all black and a designer handbag.

On a chic belt

A unique belt is always a great idea to spice up an otherwise minimalist outfit such as your favorite little black dress. Snakeskin belts in particular can be used to amplify any look. Try styling a snakeskin belt with a monochromatic outfit to break up the pieces or with a dress to give more definition to your waist.

On your feet

Snakeskin is a more fashion-forward alternative than traditional black leather, which is why many fashion it-girls are opting for the pattern on their favorite shoe styles. Boots are by far the most popular pick for a snakeskin shoe, with both knee-highs and ankle booties making waves in the fashion world.

On a satin slip dress

Whether you are looking to incorporate snakeskin into your everyday outfits or date night looks, a satin snakeskin slip dress is a great way to do it. Slip dresses are a fan favorite, as they are versatile pieces, being easy to dress up for a night out or down for a day date.

At the pool

Swimwear is a summer necessity. Instead of opting for a yellow polka dot bikini, try out snakeskin swimwear. The print adds an edgy appeal to traditional swim looks, whether a bikini or a one-piece. If you aren't feeling the print on your swimsuit, consider a snakeskin print sarong or cover-up.