Westerncore Is The Trendy Reimagination Of Cowgirl-Inspired Fashion You Won't Be Able To Ignore

Every time society becomes obsessed with a trendy TV show or movie, that film or show starts influencing how people dress, and this happens more frequently than you'd probably guess. Think of how the upcoming "Barbie" movie starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling sparked the nostalgic Barbiecore fashion trend. Or, consider how the mega-popular '80s-themed "Stranger Things" fantasy series likely led to divisive '80s trends coming back in fashion. There's no denying that Jenna Ortega's modern portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the highly talked-about "Wednesday" fascinates viewers with the goth-inspired glam ghoul aesthetic in 2023. And now, the same TV-show-influencing-fashion cycle is happening with "Yellowstone."

The Western-themed "Yellowstone" has viewers from various locations interested in dressing like people from the Old West. That means cowgirl couture season is officially here; are you ready? If you're willing to give Western-inspired fashion a chance — thanks, "Yellowstone" — there are many ways to embrace the oddly trendy Westerncore look.

Wear a cowgirl hat

You probably already figured out this first tip, as it's the most obvious suggestion. But if you want to rock a cowgirl-inspired look to get in on the Westerncore trend, a cowgirl hat is the way to go. Get one in your favorite color or with details that match your unique style, such as sequins for more glamorous energy.

Experiment with bold cow print

Why not put the "cow" in "cowgirl" by flaunting a bold cow print piece? Cow print is a fun spin on the iconic animal print look, so rather than opting for a more traditional cheetah or zebra print, explore cow print, whether it's on a top, jacket, pants, boots, purse, hat, or even nails.

Boots are your best bet for footwear

When rocking Western-themed fashion, cowgirl boots are usually the best footwear option. Many styles of cowgirl boots are available nowadays, whether you want something minimalistic, classic, or girly. Even if you aren't a fan of cowgirl boots, boot styles like ankle boots or over-the-knee boots are better for this aesthetic than other types of footwear.

Denim, denim, denim

Not only is denim always on-trend because it's a wardrobe staple that never goes out of style, but its casual, versatile appearance makes it perfect for Westerncore. Comfortable denim jeans with edgy rips are particularly on-brand for this trend, so get a few pairs to wear with your favorite cowgirl hats and boots.

Wear a Western-themed T-shirt

What better way to show your love for the Westerncore aesthetic than to rock a Western-themed top? For instance, wearing a T-shirt that says "Cowgirl" or "Howdy" is fun for flaunting cowgirl-inspired apparel. Dress it down with ripped denim jeans and a denim jacket, or dress it up a bit with a cute skirt and playful boots with heels!

Have fun with fringe

Fringe pieces are super fun for the cowgirl-themed aesthetic. There are many choices, so you should explore different options and see what you like most, whether it's a jacket covered in fringe for a bold look, a crop top with shiny fringe at the bottom for a sexy night-out ensemble, or cowgirl boots with some fringe detail.

Put your unique spin on the trend

Like with any other trend, you shouldn't be afraid to incorporate your unique style into your Western-themed outfits. For example, if your style is more grunge, try mixing grunge elements such as flannels and distressed jeans with aspects of Westerncore. Or, if you'd describe your style as girlier, consider investing in pink or sparkly cowgirl hats or boots to reflect your personality. Moreover, people with more boho-chic styles should think about adding their flowing cardigans or quirky scarves to Western-inspired outfits. Just be yourself and have fun with it!