13 Haircuts Perfect For Medium Thick Hair

If your biggest pride and joy is your head of long, thick, voluminous hair, it makes sense if the thought of cutting it is a little daunting. But especially in the warmer months, you might find yourself wanting some relief from the sticky heat that long hair can trap against your neck. If this is your dilemma, we have some good news — there are plenty of medium-length haircuts that work for every type of thick hair.

When you're getting your hair cut to a medium length, it's helpful to go to a stylist who has experience cutting your particular hair type. They'll be able to clear up any worries you may have and give some cut and style recommendations. If your hair is textured, you'll probably want to add some layers to your thick locks to keep them from looking too boxy. Still need some hair inspo? Here are 13 of our favorite flattering haircuts for medium thick hair. 

Add shorter layers for shape

If you want to dip your toes into the pool of haircuts, so to speak, you can always keep the majority of your length and add in some short layers. Short layers will still help get some of that heat off your neck without taking you too far out of your comfort zone. And if you like the length of your layers, you can consider cutting all of your hair down to that length the next time you get a haircut.

Go for face-framing curtain bangs

Bangs are a great option for thick hair — they can take some weight off your hair, and we love how they look hanging down in front of a bun or ponytail. You can rock curtain bangs with any haircut, but we love the subtle layers they add to a medium thick cut.

Flaunt your 4c curls with a big, bold afro

If you have ultra-curly hair, medium lengths can be tricky — you won't have much length weighing your hair down, which is a recipe for big, poofy hair. Personally, we think you should embrace it by rocking a big, bold afro. You may want to keep it long enough to tie back when you get too hot. 

Get a layered curly cut

Sometimes it can be scary to even just trim curly hair, let alone take a good amount of length off of it. If you're worried about your hair looking boxy or triangular, layers can be the key to a good medium thick curly cut. A good amount of layers in your curly hair should give you a head of gorgeous, voluminous curls you'll want to show off on the daily.

Or keep your curly layers long

On the flip side, maybe you're really worried about losing too much length. If this sounds like you, feel free to keep your layers long, even on curly hair. Adding some volumizing products into your roots can keep longer layers from looking boxy, as can wearing your hair half up and half down.

Add some waves to a straight layered cut

If your hair is thick and straight, you may find yourself wanting to give your layers some texture, especially if you have some shorter layers. When this is the case, add some gentle beachy waves to your straight hair (or plop it after washing to bring out any natural wave pattern you may have). 

Get a thick, beautiful shag cut

Ladies with ultra-thick hair, the shag haircut was made for you, and it's one of our favorites. Thick hair looks incredible with a few shaggy layers in it, and it's a great option if you're wanting a totally new look. Add some shaggy curtain bangs into the mix to soften the look a little. 

Or a modern, curly shag

Even curly hair can get shaggy haircuts, and we love the ultra-layered look that a curly shag gives. You could keep the bottom layers of your curly shag on the longer side, but personally, we think it looks stunning taken up to your shoulders. For bonus points, pair your curly shag with some curly bangs. 

Go bold with a wolf cut

Want to go even further than the shag haircut? Then you may find yourself wanting to try out a medium wolf cut. A wolf cut is a sort of cross between a shag and a mullet — it keeps your layers shorter in the front and longer in the back and is a great option if you want to retain some length while getting a lot of length off your neck.

Give it some bangs

Wondering what bang type you should embrace with your medium thick cut? That'll depend a lot on your hair texture and face shape. Straight hair can probably pull off some bangs cut straight across the forehead, while textured bangs should go for curtain bangs or some longer shaggy bangs. 

Take it almost to your shoulders

When you're ready to go more on the shorter side, go ahead and take your thick hair almost to your shoulders. Keep it just slightly below your collarbone and ask your stylist to add in some shorter layers to create an illusion of length that'll have you hardly missing your longer hair.

Give it some twists

If your hair is ultra-textured and you want to take it shorter without cutting too much length off (or cutting it at all), go ahead and twist it into small sections. This creates almost a dreadlock effect without being as permanent and can help shorten your hair without the commitment of a full cut. 

Shave one side

If you want a unique cut that'll have all your friends talking, or if your hair just makes you too hot all the time, go ahead and shave half your head. A half-shaved look is stunning and edgy and is a great compromise between long and short hair in the summer months.