Channel Your Inner Artist With The Breathtaking Watercolor Manicure Trend

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When you look at a watercolor painting, you'll notice how the colors blend and blur together effortlessly. But watercolor isn't only executed on paper; this style can be done on your nails, too. The watercolor nail trend is becoming increasingly popular as spring colors are in full bloom and transitioning to bright, bold looks for the summer. Whether you go to the salon or prefer to do your nails at home, there are several ways to achieve watercolor nails. 

There are a few watercolor nail tutorials on TikTok, including a video from @manimaker_official that shows the artist using a very thin brush to paint the polish into a watercolor pattern. Another clever TikTok user Allie Win shared a tip in their video, where they colored a Gel-X nail extension with Sharpie markers and diluted the ink using a brush dipped in rubbing alcohol.

There's also nail gel specifically made to create a watercolor effect, like Born Pretty's Watercolor Nail Gel on Amazon. It's a transparent base coat that you apply to the nail, without letting it dry or cure, and this product allows the polish to bloom and spread out like watercolor paints. However you choose to get your watercolor nails, we're sure your manicure will be a work of art.

Ocean-inspired watercolor

For a lot of us, summer means it's time to hit the beach, but your beach outfit probably doesn't feel quite complete until you have a gorgeous set of nails to show off. Go for a watercolor look that reminds you of the ocean, with blue and green tones melting together. Like sea glass nails, a watercolor nail look will bring the waves to your fingertips. 

Neon watercolor

You know we're a fan of bold mismatched manicures, and neon is the way to do it. When you can't decide on just one color, why not blend them together like a watercolor painting? Use colors that complement each other and easily blend together, like neon yellow and hot pink to make a vibrant orange. 

Delicate flowers

Floral is a classic look when it comes to spring and summer manicures, and watercolor nails can certainly be included in this. With a tiny brush and a steady hand, you can create petals and leaves with diluted polish solution or by using blooming gel (via TikTok). This will take your flowers to the next level. 

Translucent clouds

You don't need a specific shape in mind when doing watercolor nails. Because the nail polish is thinned by rubbing alcohol, polish remover, or acetone, your nails will have a flowy and translucent effect. You might not even need a base color, like the manicure above, as you can use your nail as negative space to create a mesmerizing watercolor manicure that almost looks like stained glass.

Bring on the rainbow

Need a nail look for pride month? Get yourself a rainbow watercolor manicure to show off those colors. You can create an abstract rainbow like the look above, or you can paint rainbow stripes that blend together like a color spectrum. Having colorful, vibrant nails is the perfect way to infuse more color into your wardrobe