The Power Bob Is The Shiv Roy-Inspired Haircut That Embodies Quiet Luxury

If you're a fan of the hit HBO show "Succession", you've probably found yourself admiring the fiery red bob sported by fan-favorite, Siobhan "Shiv" Roy (played by Sarah Snook) at least once. While haircuts and hairstyles certainly operate on a trend cycle similar to that of fashion, there are certain cuts that never go out of style. A sleek, one-length bob has been considered a timeless classic since flappers started wearing them as a symbol of rebellion in the 1920s.

If you're looking to send a message of effortless sophistication with your haircut, a power bob is for you. Do note, however, that this is a cut that works best on thin or fine straight hair. If your hair is very thick or curly, be sure to schedule a consult with your stylist before you commit to a bob that will require you to basically beat it into submission each day. Without further ado, we present a collection of inspirational bobs for your consideration. 

Classic cheek hugger

A classic flapper-turned-power bob is a blunt, one-length cut that falls at the jaw just below the ear and sits at mid-cheek level. The positioning of this crisp, straight line accentuates both the jaw and cheek bones to create the appearance of a powerful bone structure fit for a boss. 

Blunt lob

If you're looking for a powerful, no-nonsense silhouette but you just can't fathom going so short, consider a blunt cut long bob (lob) haircut. The lack of layering and the sharp straight-line edge still provides a strong, empowered look without having to lose such a significant amount of length. 

Bob with bangs

Afraid of losing the face-framing effect of layers if you get a power bob (or lob)? Ask your stylist about adding bangs to your cut. Bangs can provide a framing effect that is similar to layers, and blunt cut bangs are a way to add another sharp straight line to an already strong haircut. 

Collarbone duster

A perfectly crafted power lob not only brings out the angles of your cheek bones and jawline; it mirrors the lines of your collarbone. A blunt cut lob that barely brushes against your collarbone with movement can harmoniously marry the somewhat harsh silhouette with just a bit of soft sex appeal. 

Chocolate mob

Can't decide between a short or long power bob? Try going for a medium blunt bob (aka the mob haircut). This cut falls at mid-neck and its one-length glory allows it to really showcase your hair's multi-dimensional color and shine. This can be a major plus for brunettes with rich tones of chocolate and caramel that might get lost in the layers of other cuts.