Ombré Lip Gloss Nails Are Nailing All The Right Trends This Summer

If you're looking for a nail design that is right on trend this summer, you can't go wrong with ombré lip gloss nails. A style that takes lip gloss nails to the next level, it pairs the rosy shades and slightly shiny tinge of the original look with a transition of color that creates the stunning ombré effect.

While classic lip gloss nails tend to stick with a single color, this version lets you embrace two or more shades to achieve an eye-catching result. To nail, pun intended, this style, you simply need to start with a lighter, softer color as the base. Then, you can add a second (or third) darker shade closer to the tip of your nail. Make sure to blend the tones gradually to create a gradient look. Or, you can switch things up and start with a darker color at the base and work your way out to a lighter shade.

Frankly, switching up where and how you apply the colors is just one way to put your own spin on this style. In fact, there are quite a few different versions of this popular manicure that you'll surely want to give a try.

Classic ombré lip gloss nails

You don't have to make things complicated in order to embrace ombré lip gloss nails. Instead, you can opt for the classic version of this current trend. A perfectly pretty choice that won't overpower the rest of your look, the subtle gradient effect starts with an almost nude base and extends into a soft bubblegum pink shade. For this style, it's important to ensure that the transition is smooth, so it might take a little practice or perhaps some help from a professional. Don't forget a glossy top coat for the ideal shiny finish.

Reversed ombré lip gloss nails

Once you've gotten used to creating a classic ombré lip gloss manicure, then you may want to move on to the reversed style. Using the exact same method — and even the same shades of polish if you've found ones you adore — you just need to make sure that the darkest color is at your cuticles before transitioning to the lighter tones at the tips of your nails. This will not only give you a gorgeous result, but the position of the darker pink will also help to anchor the entire look.

Dramatic ombré lip gloss nails

Not everyone wants to be subtle and on some occasions; you may want to stand out in a crowd. If that's you, then you'll definitely try out dramatic ombré lip gloss nails. Sticking with the pink-based gradient effect and glossy sheen, the shifts between the lighter shade at the base of each nail and the darker pink on the tips are beautifully bold. Although looks incredible on rounded nails as seen above, it would also suit a square shape, as well as different lengths.

Light ombré lip gloss nails

While a dramatic manicure may suit a night out on the town or a photo-worthy event, you may also want something that suits an everyday look. That's when light ombré lip gloss nails can make their way onto the scene. Opting for a nude or slightly rosy color at the cuticle, this same tone stretches further down the nail than other versions. Just a hint of the darker shade has then been added at the tip of the nail and concentrates at the very end of the stiletto point where it's still relatively light.

Peachy-pink ombré lip gloss nails

Picture a deliciously ripe peach — or a sugary peach-flavored candy — and you'll find the inspiration for this next version of ombré lip gloss nails. Swapping out the expected light blush or nude shade, a peachy-orange color has been used instead for the base of the ombré look. It then takes full advantage of a rich dark pink color to finish off the gradient effect. With an extra-glossy coat on top to make the design really shine, this style is yummy in all kinds of ways.

Marble ombré lip gloss nails

While the ombré nature of this trend is undoubtedly enough to give it a stylish twist, that doesn't mean you have to stop there. You could also give your lip gloss nails additional flair with the help of a marble technique. Simply start with a nude polish on your entire nail before creating a marbled effect with the darker pink color as it gradually fades into a lighter tone. To create the marble veins, you can leave areas clear or add lines that are white, soft violet, or a lighter pink.

Arch-lined ombré lip gloss nails

Can't decide between square and rounded nails? You can get the best of both looks with this arch-lined version. This style gives your nails a flat tip with sharp corners, which is where the light pink begins before fading into a nude or beige shade. As gorgeous as this is alone, a line has been drawn that mimics the shape of a rounded nail. Giving this version additional visual interest, it's an easy way to make your ombré lip gloss nails a little different from the rest.