Basket Bags Are The Summer Trend Bringing Cottagecore Back

Summer is right around the corner, meaning that it is time to upgrade your handbag style. Leather and shearling are simply too heavy and hot for those warm summer days, leaving us reaching for something more natural in our handbag collection. The perfect summer bag should have a natural fabrication along with the ability to hold your daily warm-weather essentials, making the basket bag the perfect option for the girl on the go.

The basket bag is a more structured version of the classic beach tote, making it a practical option for everyday use, even if you live nowhere near a beach. Basket bags are a great way to live out your cottagecore summer dreams, whether you are in the Italian countryside or spending summer in the city. If you are dreaming of bringing the picnic vibes with you wherever you go this summer, consider carrying a basket bag. Big enough to hold all your essentials and feminine enough to prance through Europe with, we have curated our seven favorite ways to hop on the basket bag trend, one of the handbag trends you'll see everywhere this summer.

Personalize it

Release your inner prep with a personalized basket bag. This is great for everyday use if you decide to monogram your bag with your initials, but it can also be a good option for special occasions. Brands such as Poolside offer a wide range of personalizable basket bags perfect for displaying your favorite sayings.

Drawstring closures

Drawstring closures are not only a cute detail that can be added to your summer basket bag, but they are also a great way to maintain security on a bag without ruining the aesthetic with hardware. Stylist and consultant @ann_caruso showcases her ARossGirl Habanera bag with drawstring closure in the photo above, showing how the bag is the perfect accessory for an afternoon date.

Not so quiet luxury

If you are looking to bring out your cottagecore side this summer but are a designer girl at heart, there are still basket bags for you. The opposite of quiet luxury, logo-centric basket bags are a fun twist to the trend. These bags often feature the brand's name woven into the basket, stamped onto the bag straps, or as a leather logo attached to the front of the basket.

Pastel basket bags

Cottagecore often is associated with peaceful colors such as pastels, so why not implement these colors into your summer basket bag? Pastel basket bags are a great way to bring color into your bag collection, whether your entire bag is pastel or it just features pastel details. This bag is perfect to take on your next day date and is a hot purse trend for summer.

The tried-and-true picnic basket

Who said you can't carry a picnic basket as an everyday bag? Smaller picnic baskets are a great option for an everyday purse, as they can hold all of your daily essentials while still being fashion-forward. Vintage stores are a great option if you are looking for a small picnic basket of your own.

Mini versions

Basket bags do not have to be a particular size, so if you carry less in your everyday bag, a mini basket could be a great option for you. Some fan-favorite designer basket bags, such as the Loewe basket tote, come in multiple sizes, with one size being much smaller and simpler for daily use.

Rounded edges

A modern take on the classic basket bag is a similar style with rounded edges. Fashion brand Anya Hindmarch does this well by adding a more feminine feel to their classic baskets with softer corners. As seen in the above photo, Instagram influencer @phoney_blonde styles her Anya Hindmarch Raffia Bow Oval Tote for everyday use paired with cargo pants and a cream-colored top. Find a raffia bag for yourself, as they will be unavoidable this summer.