The Micro-Purse Is The Bag Trend That Won't Quit - How To Wear It Right

Teeny-tiny fashion is making a big statement this summer: Baby tees, micro-mini skirts, and of course, the fan-favorite micro-purse are some of the biggest summer fashion trends of 2023. Micro-purses are the trend that just won't quit. Love it or hate it, these bags that may not even hold your phone are all over runways, red carpets, and the streets. The trend catapulted to fame in 2018, when up-and-coming designer Jacquemus introduced his Le Chiquito bag on the runway, and eventually went viral on Instagram when Lizzo joked about the contents of her tiny purse in a video.

Designers seemed to piggyback off of Jacquemus' design and began creating mini bags of their own. While not all of them are only three inches, they all play off the fact that purses are a fashion accessory and don't have to be practical. They can come in many forms and the specific bag will vary with what it holds, some holding up to a phone and wallet, whereas others will barely fit your AirPods. If you are looking to hop on the micro-purse bag trend this season, we have curated eight trending ways to get the look.

Designer favorites in micro sizes

Fan-favorite micro purses such as the Jacquemus Le Chiquito and the Bottega Veneta Candy Jodie are actually smaller versions of already popular bags from the brands. If you are a tried and true lover of designer bags, this is a great option. These are the classic, high-quality silhouettes you already know and love but redesigned in pint-size versions to conform to the latest trend.

Animal prints are a yes

Animal prints are back in a big way this year. Implement this trendy pattern onto your trendy micro-purse. The smaller purse allows for bolder patterns that are not overpowering. Try a '90s-inspired shoulder bag with an animal print twist like @carmenmattijssen on Instagram, who pairs their mini bag with a chic tan jacket, denim, and pointed heels.

Bold and beaded

The smaller the bag, the crazier the details can be. Beaded bags are a great way to take on the micro-purse trend. Handmade accessories brand Susan Alexandra is home to some of the most unique beaded designs out there, which are a great option if you are looking for a bold way to hop on the micro-purse train.

Mini vanity cases

Baby-sized vanity cases are a chic twist to the micro-purse trend. Chanel is one of the big designer names that offers mini vanity cases. The moment's "it-girl" Sophia Richie garnered over half a million likes when she shared a photo on Instagram of herself carrying the Chanel small vanity case in a black and rainbow color pattern.

Minimalist chic mini bags

If you are a lover of the minimalist chic style, you are going to want a mini bag that will pair back with many of your favorite outfits. Luckily, there are plenty that fit seamlessly into the neutral minimalist wardrobe. Try a classic silhouette such as a leather top handle or crossbody in a mini version. Then, ensure that you choose a plain neutral color that will match the overall aesthetic of your wardrobe, such as cream or black.

Micro-purses that hold very little

Sometimes, you can fit your phone and cash in your back pocket and don't even need a real purse; this is where the stylish, yet impractical, micro-purses come into play. If you are not reliant on your purse to hold multiple items during the day, you can choose a bag that instead has unique features that match your outfit. This is a true fashion accessory that doesn't need to be practical.

Phone pouches

Most of us have everything we need to go about our day saved to our phone, which is why some of us may choose to carry a mini phone pouch rather than a full purse every day. A variation of the micro-purse is a phone pouch meant to be worn crossbody or on the shoulder. Oftentimes, they can also carry a few cards, cash, and your keys can be clipped to the side.

Natural elements

If you are looking to bring natural elements into your wardrobe this season, the micro-purse trend can be just the way to do it. Raffia and wicker aren't just for beach bags anymore! Instead, try out a structured mini bag made of these natural elements for a summer date night or night out at the beach club.