Flatforms Are The Shoe Trend That Adds Height Without Taking Away Comfort

When you think of vintage and retro shoes from the Y2K era, you'll most likely think about platform shoes or chunky sneakers. These shoes have seen a resurgence of popularity due to the increasing popularity of the late '90s and early '00s fashion. Various recent fashion trends have been all about nostalgia and bringing back some of the iconic fashion styles of this time frame. While it's less colorful or bold than retro sneakers or platform shoes, the flatform shoe is the true iconic '90s footwear. The flatform shoe is equal parts comfortable as it is fashionable. Unlike platform shoes, flatforms are made to be equal in height all around. Flatforms are made with this flat thick sole while platforms simply just have a thick sole but aren't necessarily flat.

Although it's possible that platforms can be comfortable, having a flat surface is perfect for spending time on your feet. The most iconic variation of the flatform shoe is the sandals that took over the '90s. Nowadays, flatforms have become more modern and apt for newer trends. If you want to make your flatform shoes into a staple in your wardrobe, you need to style them along with the best pieces. Not only will correct styling emphasize your flatforms but it'll take them from a retro piece to your new favorite footwear.

Maxi lengths

You can't deny that flatforms are one of the most comfortable ways you can add height to yourself, making it the perfect shoe to wear with longer lengths. Maxi skirts and dresses are those pieces that practically drag around the floor, covering almost your entire bottom portion. While maxi lengths are perfect for spring or summer, they can be difficult to wear as they can overwhelm your stature. Flatforms give you the extra height you need to rock your maxi pieces with ease knowing you won't drag your dress or skirt along the floor and you'll look as tall as a statue.

Flatforms and socks

Since flatforms are chic retro footwear, you can put together socks and sandals for a vintage look. To get the most out of this combination, you want to pair the right socks with your flatforms. Opt for clean white ribbed ankle socks or fashionable glittery socks that can give your look an extra flair. Make your socks part of your look by making them pop under your flatforms.

Summer outfits

Flatform sandals are much more comfortable for your feet than strappy heels. This makes flatforms the perfect shoe for spring and summer seasons. Even with shorter hemlines like mini dresses and skirts, your flatforms can give you more height and comfort. With more height and shorter hemlines, you can even make your legs appear taller than they are. This combination is ideal if you want to give a taller appearance without having to walk around in heels all day.

Matching monochrome look

The easiest way to incorporate flatforms into your outfit is by having them match with another piece of the look. Match your flatforms with an outwear piece or top for a cohesive look. Instead of treating your flatform shoes as a random piece of your outfit, make them look intentional and purposeful. Once you have your matching piece, your look will be much more polished and put together.

Casual outfits

Don't overwhelm yourself with trying to find the perfect way to dress up your flatforms. These shoes are retro and casual, making them ideal for daily outfits over formal events. Instead of trying to over-style your flatform shoes, pair them with your denim jeans and basic tees for the best errands outfit in your closet. Not only will these shoes go with your day-to-day outfits, but they'll also keep you comfortable in any situation.

Midi dresses

Unlike maxi dresses, midi lengths are meant to hit between the knee and ankle. This length can often be difficult to style since it's easy for your dress to overwhelm you. Add your flatforms to your midi dresses to give you some of that height, to make you seem taller, and have your midi dresses hit at their intended length. Flatforms are the perfect solution for petite women who are looking for a shoe that adds more height, without being difficult to maneuver.