Chunky Sneakers Are On Their Way Out (& Making Way For More Vintage Looks)

The chunky sneaker trend of the last few years seems to have fairly divided fashion lovers. Some were all over the colorful, thick soles and dad vibes of the "ugly sneaker," while others just could not fathom donning a pair. Whether you're cheering with joy to see them on their way out or will continue to confidently wear your chunky sneakers for their supreme comfort, another look is swiftly taking its place.

Welcome the return of the retro sneaker. This vintage look is much simpler and beautifully understated, reminiscent of the footwear you'd notice on a '70s track field. They are the ultimate go-to when it comes to carefree, effortless summertime energy, and we are here for it in a major way. Pair them with a light and airy floral sundress -– or everyone's favorite classic: jeans and a white t-shirt. Here are some of our favorite vintage sneakers making their way front and center.

Muted hues

While the chunky sneaker trend was all about maximalism, the re-emergence of the mellow retro sneaker is much more minimal -– and perhaps even a bit whimsical. There's something about the vintage sneaker trend that invokes simpler times. And we so love this muted, beige rendition of the retro shoe from Madewell.

Colorful palettes

If you aren't quite ready to let go of the louder colors paired with bright white that we've seen in the chunky sneaker trend that is falling out of favor, fear not. New Balance saves the day with some fun color palettes. Youthful and vibrant, this vintage vibe is great with boot-cut jeans and a solid t-shirt.

The go-to in casual-chic

Another New Balance look that goes above and beyond with effortless energy. These gray retro sneakers are understated in the best way –- and again go great with jeans and a white t-shirt. Vintage sneakers are truly here to transform your favorite go-to casual looks and bring them up a notch –- or several.

Dark and moody

No matter the weather or season, these retro sneakers are beyond versatile. In a darker fade, they can complement a simple and chic black pant beautifully. Whereas booties or heels would give this fit a completely different vibe, the vintage style sneaker adds an element of effortlessness we just can't get enough of.

Return of the three stripes

If Adidas Gazelles were the first thing that popped into your mind when you heard vintage sneakers, you aren't alone. They've been everywhere lately — and for good reason. This look from Adidas seems to make a reemergence every so often, and each time it's a breath of fresh air. The three stripes strike again.

Fun laces

We're loving some of the fun laces and unique color palettes when it comes to the retro sneaker, and it seems there's truly something for everyone. Laid back, low-key, and up for anything, nothing quite says "Go with the flow" like some of the renditions of the vintage sneakers we're seeing out there today.

Reigning supreme

Celebrities have been sporting vintage style Adidas left and right, fueling the energy surrounding the retro sneaker trend greatly. And the hype really is no mystery -– you'd be ready for anything in these. Just toss them on with your favorite denim shorts and you're set. Ideal for summer escapades and sunny adventures around town.

Sporty and feminine

There's just something beyond charming about the retro sneaker, especially when paired with a long denim skirt or sundress. We're loving this look, from head to toe. Sporty and feminine, we expect to see a lot of this combo in the coming months. So, ready or not, it's time to wave goodbye to the chunky dad sneakers and embrace this new era of the retro sneaker.