Here's What To Expect This Gemini Season (It's Gonna Be A Doozy)

Gemini is all about getting two for the price of one, twinning, and finding balance in duality. The iconic astrological sign represented by twins, Gemini season rolls around every late spring and lasts from May 21 until June 21. Effectively, Gemini guides us from spring into the heat of summer before passing the baton to Cancer, and we couldn't ask for a more exciting sign to bring us into summer fun. As Gemini season 2023 is upon us, buckle up because it's going to be a doozy!

There are some cosmic shifts that will be occurring during the 2023 Gemini season, such as Venus colliding with Jupiter and Pluto retrograding into Capricorn. Many signs will experience some unusual distress or conflict at the commencement of Gemini season this year, but all of the chaos should quickly evolve into joy and positive self-growth by the second week of the month-long period.

The twins promote connection on the deepest of levels, specifically in regard to the connection you have with yourself and your inner desires. Though Gemini season is one of the most exciting times of the year, given its emphasis on enjoying life and having positive experiences, keep in mind that the intellectual pursuits you take on and the connections you make during Gemini season will impact the other 11 seasons, each of which is governed by a respective zodiac sign. Here's what to expect as Gemini season 2023 kicks off with a bold start.

The gifts of Gemini season are iconic

Each year, there are some hallmarks of Gemini season that you can count on experiencing. Gemini's natural talent for connection and the strength of communication it promotes makes its namesake season a time for doing just that: clarifying murky communication with loved ones, engaging in intellectually stimulating conversation that inspires your summer pursuits, and reaching out to connect with friends with whom you've lost touch over the years.

Gemini's planetary ruler is Mercury, which is perfectly fitting given that Mercury is the governor of communication. Gemini season is the astrological equivalent of reaching out to an old friend you've recently found on social media. Additional expectations everyone can have for Gemini season — regardless of your astrological chart — include opportunities to learn, the exploration of relationships and endeavors that spark your curiosity, and indulging in some lighthearted flirting along the way (which Gemini is known to do so very well).

You'll be prone to finding mental stimulation balanced with an abundance of joyful fun, often discovering that the two go hand-in-hand just like Gemini's twins. To take advantage of Gemini season's offerings, aim to read that book you've been eyeing on your shelf, listen to a podcast you've been meaning to give a try, or make time for quality experiences with friends, both one-on-one with each friend and altogether through group activities. Better yet, ask your friends for book, podcast, hobby, and activity recommendations that they've been loving this Gemini season. 

The Gemini twins have your back

Leading into Gemini season 2023, don't fret if you haven't been feeling your best lately because the twins are here to remind you of your natural beauty inside and out. The Gemini twins have your back, and you'll likely find adventure, excitement, and laughter coming into your life as the fun for which Gemini season is best known comes into full swing.

Patience will pay off, particularly if this year's Gemini season doesn't get off to a lighthearted start for you. By the time Gemini gets into its full groove by the end of the first week, heading into its second week and the beginning of June, there will be a sudden energetic flow bringing you significant self-actualization, personal growth, and realizations about what you truly want. Gemini is nothing but stagnant, especially in social settings, and doesn't stand for remaining in ruts or unhelpful situations.

Even if you don't know what you want or need right now, the twins know exactly what should be introduced into your life — like deeper connections, exciting new opportunities, and what should be taken out in terms of relationships and situations that no longer serve you. Gemini season 2023 will help you get rid of emotional baggage you've been carrying around for far too long and replace toxic situations with authentic friendships, intellectually stimulating opportunities, and the confidence to take ownership over your life while having maximum fun!