Pluto Retrograde Is Coming: Here's What It Means & How To Prepare, According To An Astrologer

When discussing astrological events, any reference to a retrograde might immediately surface fear or anxiety. However, when planets go retrograde, it can be an excellent opportunity to spend time clearing space in your mind and life for new opportunities. According to international psychic astrologer Angel Dawn, Pluto going into retrograde is a time to reflect and clear clutter from your life. "Pluto goes retrograde every year for five months and it is a significant time to evaluate how one's life is evolving in a way supportive of one's growth and potential. Pluto retrograde asks us to dive deep, asking ourselves whether our behaviors and structures in life are impeding us or empowering us on our chosen path," Dawn exclusively tells Glam.

Since the dark planet Pluto is the farthest of the planets from the sun and takes the longest amount of time to make its journey through the astrological system, it is a planet that is considered to rule over generations rather than individuals. Though Pluto can define generations, Pluto retrograde still impacts each of us on a personal level. Dawn shares that when Pluto goes retrograde, we can anticipate "issues of control, responsible use of power, and transformation come to the forefront. It is less of a personal planet, particularly exerting its influence over generations, societal structure, and governments, but it still has an impact on each person." Still, it's never too late to prepare for it.

The significance of this year's Pluto retrograde

Other events happening in the solar system and astrological realms are creating particularly important experiences for this year's Pluto retrograde. Angel Dawn exclusively tells Glam that "the 2023 Pluto retrograde is particularly significant because the recent partial solar eclipse squared Pluto which heightens the themes about transformation, evolution, and power." Uniquely, 2023 Pluto Retrograde will reveal to you that there are some secrets and personal shadows you hold that you should face, work through, and ultimately decide to keep for your own benefit. To clarify, keeping secrets doesn't mean that you refrain from sharing them, but Pluto retrograde will help you see the ways that shadows and secrets you've been holding onto can help you embrace your potential. 

Be wary of Pluto's ability to bring up materialistic values. "The upcoming square to Jupiter, which increases in intensity in early May, tends to speak to the shadow side of Pluto: lust for power, greed, control, and unethical behaviors that are already happening in recent world events, governments, and social upheavals," Dawn adds. The dysfunction Pluto retrograde causes isn't as bad as it might seem, which is why it's wise to look at it through a lens of how Pluto retrograde can help you identify things in your life that aren't serving the best version of yourself.

Evaluate areas of your life that need improvement

"Pluto retrograde asks us to see what is dysfunctional or could be improved in our lives," Angel Dawn exclusively emphasizes to Glam, clarifying the significance of Pluto going into retrograde when it comes to our individual lives and connections with the planet. At the very least, Pluto retrograde is a necessary reminder that you should periodically take time to assess your life, where you're placing your energy and efforts, and how you're spending your time. Try journaling for a few minutes each day to see if any patterns about potentially dysfunctional or unhelpful situations, experiences, or relationships arise. 

Pluto isn't a planet that merely brings butterflies and rainbows. In fact, it is often referred to as the dark planet because of the disruption it can bring to our lives. "Pluto likes to tear down and rebuild structures in our life," adds Dawn, explaining that it's necessary to approach Pluto retrograde with calculated efforts and intentional steps towards rebuilding aspects of your life that may be torn down by Pluto retrograde. Don't rush any decisions, and be aware of your reactions. During Pluto retrograde, practicing mindfulness, meditation, and other calming activities can be especially beneficial. 

A good time to try shadow work

Given Pluto's identification as the dark planet, it seems fitting that the planet's effects on us can encourage us to explore seemingly dark parts of ourselves that we may not even realize exist. Before you begin to fret, though, know that just as Pluto's dark association is often mistaken for something sinister, the exploration of our minds prompted by Pluto's retrograde can easily be just as misunderstood. The exploratory journey Pluto retrograde sets in front of us frequently comes in the form of shadow work, the process of tapping into parts of yourself that may have become repressed. Often, aspects of our identities or certain experiences become pushed to the backs of our minds because of events that occurred in our childhoods or past situations that prompted emotions to be shoved aside. These repressed parts of our identities become shadows; thus, facing them and focusing on bringing them to light is the definition of shadow work.

In referencing the opportunity to give shadow work a try during Pluto retrograde, Angel Dawn exclusively emphasizes to Glam, "This is a good time to use stream-of-consciousness journaling or freestyle drawing to probe the deepest inner compulsions, self-defeating behaviors, and any traumas to confront them and diminish their power with self-compassion." Use a creative outlet such as writing, drawing, or painting to release your shadows. 

Pursue healing, psychotherapy, or spiritual guidance

As you work through the shadows of your mind, including past experiences, you'll want to reach out to your support system, as this traversal can resurface trauma and generally be confusing and upsetting. Nevertheless, it's imperative. Seeking assistance from a trained mental health professional is always a good idea if you're working through difficult emotions, too. "Any form of counseling to access our inner demons or long-repressed traumas is Pluto retrograde working at its finest," Angel Dawn exclusively explains to Glam. 

As such, Pluto retrograde is the perfect time to reach out to a friend, join a community support group, or attend virtual healing sessions. Remember that Pluto affects entire generations and individuals alike, so no one is immune to Pluto retrograde's effects. It's better to experience healing with a support network, so prioritize finding people with whom you feel comfortable sharing vulnerable aspects of your life instead of trying to process Pluto's shadow revelations alone. 

Congratulate and praise yourself for your efforts in taking on shadow work, especially when you face challenging emotions and deconstruct long-held beliefs about yourself. Angel Dawn delivers a capstone statement on this process, stating, "Becoming aware is the first step, and working through them with courage is a surefire step toward reclaiming true power."

Let go of things that are not serving you

"Oftentimes in order to bring in the better, we need to let go of the old, out-of-date, and useless," Angel Dawn tells Glam in our exclusive chat, referencing how Pluto retrograde and shadow work can help us identify areas of our lives that aren't helping us become the versions of ourselves we want to be. "Letting go of toxic relationships, friendships, and harmful behaviors and addictions, is a powerful path to bringing in happier circumstances and magical abundance." 

As Pluto retrograde nears, be prepared to face difficult truths, and know that you'll have to let go of things in your life that are no longer serving you even if letting go of those relationships, experiences, and positions might bring about fears of what the future holds and discomfort is terminating unhealthy, toxic, or simply unhelpful relationships. Though endings can derive emotions such as remorse and sadness, even if you know that the ending is for your benefit, trust that Pluto retrograde will open up space in your life for healthy relationships, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and experiences that will bring you into your fullest potential.  

Ultimately, Pluto retrograde is going to help you embrace areas of your life, including relationships and opportunities, that will push you to thrive like never before. Especially with the extra significance of 2023's Pluto retrograde, you'll find beauty ahead of you if you allow yourself to explore it.