Matte Manicures Are Coming Back With A Vengeance - Sorry, Lip Gloss Nails

Recently, there has been no shortage of nail trends to keep us and our nail technicians busy. Although there's a wide variety of designs to choose from, they all seem to gravitate around the same concept. High-shine and high-gloss nails have been taking over the salons with trends like lip gloss nails having become some of the recent favorites.

High-shine chrome manicures have also seen increasing popularity, with many enjoying having the mirror-inspired texture at their fingertips. However, the newest rising star is going to shift the momentum. Not only are matte nails a classic nail design, but they're the perfect antithesis to these shiny nails.

Matte nails aren't your typical antithesis trend as they've already seen their time in the spotlight. This contrasting texture was once the hit of nail salons during the 2010s when it last saw its major rise in popularity. Thanks to newer shades and combinations, matte manicures are coming back for another round. Although they might not be the nails you remember, they're certainly going to bring back your love for all things matte.

Multi-colored matte manicure

Why stick to one color when you can have five different ones? Having a multi-colored manicure is all about creating your dream color palette. Go for an ombré effect by opting for one shade in various hues. You can also opt for five pastel or moody shades to strike the perfect vibe on your nails all season long. Whether you have a pattern or not, a multi-colored matte manicure is a certified Pinterest moment.

Pastel matte nails

The beauty of pastel shades is the fact that they can work under any texture. Matte pastel colors are no exception to this. Giving your pastel shades a mattifying treatment will give you a more luxurious and modern vibe, despite the light and airy hue. If you're loving the vibrancy and beauty of pastel shades, but don't want something too feminine, matte pastel shades are the perfect middle ground.

Nude matte nails

If we go back to the last time matte nails were on the trends list, you seldom found them in a nude hue. Nude nails have recently become a stylish and elegant trend for nail lovers wanting some minimalism. Match the minimalist vibe with nude matte nails, which are sure to become the go-to for your favorite celebrities and influencers. 

Purple matte nails

Thanks to lavender fashion and beauty trends, purple has seen a revival on all fronts. Purple matte nails are perfect if you want a shade that's both moody and feminine. Go for a pure purple shade to get the best of both worlds without sacrificing the texture. Lighter purple matte shades will give a more bohemian feel while darker hues will give a more serious and mysterious vibe.

Magenta matte nails

Now that magenta has infiltrated our fashion trends, it's time for it to hit our nail designs. Magenta matte nails bring a mix of the purple and pink families, giving you a feminine but mature feel to your nails. With the matte texture, your magenta hue will seem more classic and timeless rather than another trendy design.

Green matte nails

We've all seen how a neutral color palette has become the go-to for many style-lovers. Although green hasn't historically been classified as a neutral shade, it's been adopted as a staple in a neutral wardrobe. Green matte nails are the perfect nail design for those looking for a manicure that matches their neutral closet without having to stick to white or black. This simple pop of color, with the inclusion of the matte texture, will give a classic and chic look that can easily go with any season, event, or outfit.

Matte and glossy nails

Even though there's plenty to love about matte nails, there's no denying that glossy nails have also made their mark. Not only have glossy nail trends increased the popularity of nail designs, but they've also blessed us with the chance to be more creative with our manicures. Opt for a nail design that mixes both matte and gloss in one for a universally loved style that will truly stand the test of time.