How To Release Wrinkles From Your Clothes When You Don't Have An Iron On Hand

Despite the fashion trends, nothing makes an outfit better than being polished. In other words, when you wear an item that's wrinkled, it's difficult to achieve the look you want. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways you can remedy these issues quickly. For example, when it comes to your wrinkled clothes, you can pull out your trusted iron to release any of those wrinkles. However, this solution isn't as practical if you're not home.


In fact, anyone who has traveled knows that the minute you pack, your clothes will automatically start creasing and wrinkling. While many hotels and rental homes have irons you can use, they aren't always functional or even available. Luckily, you can release those crinkled lines with a few easy hacks that don't take more than a few minutes. That way, you avoid the wrinkly look and have all of your clothes prepped and ready to go.

No iron, no problem

One of the most trusted methods to iron out your clothes is with a hot shower. Whether you're in a guest bathroom or hotel room, close all visible openings and hang the clothes you need wrinkle-free somewhere around the room. Then turn on the hot water and wait until the room steams up. After a few minutes, the wrinkles will begin to disappear. Not only is this hack easy, but it avoids having to pack a portable steamer or iron in your luggage.


Using the same concept, you can create your own steam using a few household kitchen or hair items. For starters, KSBY News recommends turning on your tea kettle and pointing the spout towards your garment. However, be extra careful with this method as it can be easy to burn yourself with a hot kettle. If you don't have a kettle, you can achieve this with a hair dryer as well. For this, simply moisten the areas where the wrinkles are and point a hair dryer at that area. Keep in mind, you don't need to completely dampen the garment. As long as the wrinkles are moist, the heat of the dryer should release the wrinkles.

More methods to consider

If you're in a hurry to get out the door and need to get wrinkles out of your clothing, it's fair to try any hack and get your item ready to go. While you might not have a clothing iron, a flat hair iron is usually in most people's luggage. The resourceful hair tool will not only straighten your hair but can iron out small wrinkles (via KSBY News). Before turning it on, wipe off any residue from your iron to avoid any scuffs or marks on your clothing. While this may not iron out an entire garment, it can help with the crinkles around the edges of a shirt or dress.


In case you have a few more minutes and tools on hand, try straightening wrinkles with the help of your dryer. To do so, add a few ice cubes and dampened dryer sheets or wool balls. Then, set your dryer's heat on. For this to work, be sure to dampen the sheets or balls to release the steam in the dryer. All in all, there are various ways you can iron out your clothes without the need for an iron.