Negative Space French Manicures Are The Minimalist Trend To Freshen Up Your Summer Nails

It's no secret that everyone loves a good French manicure. Even though it's one of the simplest designs you can get, the French manicure is timeless and classic. For those who seek something with a little more flair, there have been many variations of this design in the last couple of years to keep you content. From patent leather French manicures to micro mini designs, there are plenty of different ways to capture the essence of this iconic nail design.

With so many other ways to get a French manicure, it's easy to see why this nail design will never leave the trends list. One of the latest French manicure variations is all about giving the design a modern update. While the classic and traditional French manicure involves a thin white line across your nail tips, the negative space French manicure gives you more design.

Instead of sticking with one French tip, you're going to get two but with a space between them. After painting your classic French tip, give yourself a little space before painting a duplicate underneath. The negative space between both French tips is modern and chic enough to give you some extra personality to your nails. Like the original design, there are plenty of ways to get the perfect negative space French manicures to make it your own.

Go full-chic with black tips

The star of these nails is the space you leave between both tips. To get the most out of this design, you'll want to emphasize this space as much as possible. Going with a contrasting black color is enough to make that space pop. Leaving the rest of your nails in a nude or bare color will make this design even more chic.

Metallic magic

Chrome nails are one of the hottest trends recently, making them a must-have for your newest nail design. Instead of reaching for your solid-colored nail polishes, grab your gold or silver metallic polishes for an extra shine. These high-shine polishes are enough to give your nails an extra glimmer of sparkle, even when pulling off a modern design.

Cobalt blue

Even though the latest nail trends have been about all things glazed, chrome, and sparkly, there's still a soft spot for vibrant colors. Cobalt blue is a trendy hue that has managed to find its way into the nail world to give us iconic designs. Trust us: No one will be able to look away from your iconic and trendy nail design with a saturated blue hue to highlight them.

Ultra-feminine Barbiecore

Since the first glimpse of the newest "Barbie" movie was revealed, everyone has been hit with Barbie fever. Bring the trend and iconic color to your newest French manicure design for the ultimate trend mashup. Pink is one of the hottest hues at the moment, making it more than welcome in any nail design. To create even more of a statement moment with your negative space French manicure, opt for contrasting pink hues for your French tips. Not only will this give you something different, but it will be more pink fun for your nails.

A fun pop of neon

Even though the negative space French manicure is all about creating a sleek and modern design, there's no reason you can't have fun with it. Bring a neon hue to your nail design to bring an extra pop to your nails. For those worried about rocking neon nail polish to different events, this nail design will keep your nails subtle but chic — even if you're wearing a neon green hue.


Since the negative space French manicure is about creating a unique design with two French tip accents on the nail, you can have fun with two colors. With two French tips on the nail, choose your favorite hues to pair together for a creative moment. Pair complementary shades together for a cohesive design, or opt for radically different hues for a shocking twist. Either way, choose colors you love to make this design uniquely yours.