The Patent Leather French Manicure Is The Moody Alternative To Pastel Spring Nails

Everyone knows that pastels rule the spring season. No matter what looks are trending at the time, rocking pastel colors across fashion, beauty, and nail looks will always be popular. However, not everyone is a fan of the bright and airy hues. For those looking for something moody and edgy, for their nails in particular, the spring season isn't usually a time for much inspiration. Between pastels and joyful, vibrant trends like lemonade nails, there is very little to be excited about if darker nail trends are what you prefer.

However, thanks to Met Gala 2023, we now have a chic alternative to light nail colors. Instead of opting for full coats of darker hues, like black or brown nail polish, try a patent leather French manicure, as seen on Jenna Ortega. Sleek, moody, and high-shine, it is the must-have nail look for anyone wanting something more dramatic this spring.

This modern, ultra-sleek design is perfect for any nail lover as it will easily match any outfit or event. Even by just opting for a French manicure, you have plenty of opportunities to make the design your own by adding a few tweaks to this classic trend. Let's explore the look.

Original patent leather French manicure

Twists and remixes to trends are always fun, but nothing can beat the excitement of the original. Patent leather French manicures are all about embracing a moodier side, especially during the spring season. Give your nails some extra edge this spring by opting for a darker hue mixed with the timeless nail design. Patent leather color and a shiny finish fit the French manicure look perfectly, and will likely become your new go-to nail design.

Micro-mini patent leather French manicure

Everyone knows that French manicures are a staple nail design look and will never go out of style. But what happens when this classic design does get a remix? Micro-mini French tips are the perfect nail design for those looking for an ultra-minimalist style. To achieve this micro look, all you need to do is thin out your French tip until it almost disappears at first sight. Go as thin as you want, the more micro the better.

Double-line patent leather French manicure

Why limit yourself to one French manicure when you can have two? Creating a double-line French tip is key for achieving a unique twist on the traditional nail design. Using a dark patent leather color ensures that everyone will see and enjoy your nails as much as you do. Simply create a micro French manicure design and follow up with a thinner replica underneath it to double up.

Bold line patent leather French manicure

When you're ready to give yourself a larger-than-life French manicure in a moody color, no rule states how wide your French tip has to be to create the classic manicure look. While everyone typically stays around the same range, using a dark and shiny patent leather color to fill up more of your nail creates a statement moment for your bold French tip.