Uber-Bronzed Makeup Looks Are All Over TikTok Right Now - How To Make It Work For You

An ultra-bronzed look is the perfect way to bring in the summer. With makeup inspiration from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Gigi Hadid, and Emily Ratajkowski, uber-bronze looks are a growing TikTok trend. The easiest way to get the look is with the perfect bronzer. Bronzer is a warm-toned product that imitates the look of tanned skin. It can be found in many forms, such as liquid, powder, and cream. The classic way to apply is to use a large powder brush and place it around the temples, cheekbones, chin, and anywhere the sun would naturally hit.

However, outside of the classic application, there are many ways to add bronzer to your makeup routine. By switching techniques, brushes, and makeup combinations, there are so many ways to create the sun-kissed look we're all dreaming of. We've got a few simple steps that can help you look summer-ready and TikTok-ready with an uber-bronze makeup look. 

The everyday bronze

If you want to create a beautiful bronze look on the go, you only need the products already in your arsenal. Start by applying your foundation and concealer as you normally would. From there, instead of adding contour, use your favorite bronzer. This replaces the cool shadow of contouring with a warm sculpt. Finish off with bronze tones for your eye shadow and lips, if you add anything at all. 

Use a gorgeous blush

One way to upgrade your bronzed look is to pair it with a flattering blush that mimics sun-kissed cheeks. To create a faux summer glow, take a rosy pink blush and swipe it above your bronzer on the apples of your cheeks to enhance the warm sculpt you created. Makeup artist Bob Scott explained his technique to Byrdie saying, "I'm using the same brush [as the bronzer] because it's okay if they mix. I'm going to apply this on the apples of the cheeks at the very end of where I applied the bronzer. They're going to compliment each other that way."

Add bronzer to the eyes

While it might sound odd, another way to get the ultra-bronzed look is to add bronzer to the eyes. Start with a cream bronzer, and swipe it over the eye with an emphasis on the outer corner of the eye, like you'd do with your darkest color on a smoky eye. Then blend it out to intensify the look.

Pay attention to your primer

Believe it or not, your primer makes a difference in how bronzed the end result looks. Instead of using a mattifying primer, use a primer with a golden hue. Apply it as a primer to your bare face, and then mix it into your foundation with a 2:1 ratio. This helps you can get the dewy tan look that comes with the summer months before even applying bronzer.

Finish the look with highlighter

To finish the look, apply a light amount of highlighter. Highlighter is used to reflect light, and placing it above your bronzer adds an extra glow every time the sun hits your face. Keep a light touch with the highlighter to maintain a natural-looking glow.