Rain-Inspired Fragrances Are Having A Moment

Fragrances play a big part in curating your own personal style and vibe. Adding the right fragrance to your ensemble can be as equally important as picking the right shirt or pair of shoes. In fact, wearing a nice-smelling perfume can make you appear more attractive to others and can also impact the way you feel, having an effect on your disposition throughout the day. This is why it's important to pick exactly the right perfume to suit your needs and the impression you want to give off.


Today's market offers an endless variety of perfume scent types to choose from. There are four main categories of fragrance: fresh, floral, oriental, and woody. Fresh fragrances boast citrus and green notes, while floral scents are sweet and reminiscent of flowers. Oriental fragrances are slightly spicy and warm, while woody scents have a mysterious quality to them. Today, however, we're going to focus on a particularly interesting type of scent: petrichor!

All about petrichor

Petrichor is what you call the smell of rain. The smell of rain is one of those romantic scents that makes all of us feel comfy, cozy, and even a little nostalgic. Why is that, though? What gives it its unique scent? The answer to that question is a mix of things. A variety of nature's best elements, such as rainwater, ozone, geosmin, and various plant oils, come together to make rain smell the way it does. It's a scent that is hard to describe in words, but we all instinctively know how it smells.


The main compound that causes the smell — geosmin — is one we are highly attuned to. The reason why is not yet known, but the familiar scent brings comfort to many and creates a sense of peace, tranquility, and safety. Additionally, during rain, ozone molecules are also brought down with the rain, contributing to the petrichor.

Notes to look out for

If you're intrigued by rain-scented perfumes and want to incorporate them into your wardrobe, there are particular notes you should look for when shopping for your next perfume. A petrichor scent is, at its base, an aquatic scent. This is, however, an extremely broad category, and different perfumes can mimic an aquatic scent in many ways. However, some typical notes you should look for are citrus, bergamot, neroli, and even rosemary. Floral notes such as jasmine and freesia can also complement an aquatic scent well. Additionally, as a base note, some good options to look for include musks and blond woods.


To add to that, make sure you make the right pick. There are lots of options for rain-scented perfumes, but finding one that is perfect for you is key. A good idea is to test the perfume before you make your purchase unless you buy perfume online without a smell test, which might be a risk if you're looking for the rain scent specifically. Everyone's skin is unique, and different hormones and pheromones can react differently with perfumes, giving them an almost unique smell. Testing a fragrance before you make a commitment can help you make the best pick.