Butterscotch Blond Is The Recipe For Dynamic Summer Hair

The summer season is the perfect time to adopt a new hair color for the year. Typically, when the warmer seasons roll around, many look to dye their hair a lighter hue. Blond hair is the go-to for the summer season, it's easy to see why many variations of the color have become staples at hair salons. The newest blond to become a summer trend is butterscotch blond. Like other hair trends like cherry black or chocolate brunette hair, this one is named after a rich and decadent food item. Just like butterscotch candy, this hair color is all about bringing warmth and richness to blond hair.

Butterscotch blond is known for being closer to a warmer or caramel blond but still is rich and shiny. This color can have variations within the butterscotch umbrella, meaning you can easily find something that fits you and your hair preferences. Depending on your desired tone, you can also find some butterscotch hues in a cooler tone, but still with that undeniable warmth of the color. Get used to the elegance and abundance of this hair color, because it will certainly become the favorite of celebrities and influencers alike.

Light butterscotch blond

Butterscotch blond can come in various shades and tones. The lighter shades of butterscotch still give you the warmth of butterscotch but are blonder than you'll typically see — especially if you are looking for something that lightens up your hair but doesn't warm up your hair too much. Optimal for those with cool-toned skin, a lighter butterscotch hue is the perfect balance for the summer season.

Butterscotch blond mix

Going blond can take a lot of work if you have dark hair, especially if you have stubborn color. Opting for a butterscotch blond mix is a better goal for your hair to get a lighter shade without damaging your strands. Ask your stylist for highlights in a butterscotch hue for the perfect feel and style for the summer season.

Dark butterscotch hair

Not everyone looks for the lightest shade possible when dying their hair. If you're keen on a darker shade, butterscotch blond is still a viable option. A darker tone of butterscotch blond will be similar to a caramel tone, meaning you can easily still get the warmth of lightness of butterscotch without sacrificing your darker locks. This shade will also help you down the line as your roots start to come in, ensuring you don't need to visit the salon as quickly.

Cherry butterscotch blond hair

Butterscotch can come in many tones, including a red-tinted hue. A red-tinted butterscotch blond can give you even more warmth while giving you the addition of another color. This combination is perfect if you wanted to experiment with color but still want the classic summer blond hair.