Pulling Off The Trendy Black Cherry Hair Color Is Easy As Pie With These Tips

For the longest time, blond or ultra-light brown hair was the beauty standard for women, as the bubbliest, sexiest, and most popular characters in most movies and TV shows typically had light locks. But fast forward to 2023, and red and dark hair colors are in the spotlight, becoming just as popular — or dare we say even trendier — than light hair. We already see countless dramatic dark hair color trends everywhere in 2023, along with red hues, such as the sweet red velvet hair color trend.

If you're considering trying a trendy hair color and can't decide between going darker or going red, black cherry is the perfect compromise. "Black cherry hair can best be described as a black (or a very dark brown) base paired with warm undertones of red, magenta, or violet ... This trend is a continuation (or modification) of the red trend we saw take over last year," hair colorist Giancarlo Carollo told PureWow. There are many ways to pull off this dark cherry-inspired hair color trend.

Ease into the hair color with a black cherry balayage

At first, black cherry hair probably sounds like a bold, unconventional hair color, so it might seem nerve-racking to commit to the trend. However, you can opt for a black cherry balayage instead for a more subtle spin on the look. By getting a black cherry balayage, you'll still have some of the trendy dark red hues in your hair, but since a balayage is a form of highlights, you won't have to commit to a whole head of the color — so the change won't be too drastic.

Wear it sleek and straight

There's something effortlessly striking about long, straight dark hair. So, you should try straightening your long black cherry tresses for a sleek, stunning look. The straightness of the hair will draw more attention to the red tints in the dark hue for a mysterious and alluring look, whether you dyed all your hair the trendy color or have some black cherry highlights.

Rock a money piece

Many hair enthusiasts have been enjoying the money piece look, where the front pieces of hair are a different color than the rest of the locks; there are over one million posts dedicated to #moneypiece on Instagram. So, why not flaunt two trends at the same time with a black cherry money piece? Moreover, you'll look trendy and edgy with primarily black or dark brown tresses and a bright red money piece for a contrasty spin on the black cherry look.

Opt for a subtle look

Of course, black cherry hair can be super bold, but it doesn't have to be too dramatic if you don't want it to appear ultra-intense. If you want to ease into the trend with a more low-key look, ask your hairstylist for a dark hue with a very subtle hint of red. By doing this, you'll still get the black cherry look but a much more understated version.

Flaunt black cherry curls or waves

Black cherry hair appears effortlessly rich and intriguing, like an expensive glass of delicious wine. So, you should lean into that romantic, alluring effect by curling your hair or using a hair waver for beachy waves. The soft curls or waves will emphasize the unique, trendy hair color for a head-turning look.

Ask for more purple

While red tones are typical for black cherry hair colors, you can opt for more purple or magenta instead for an edgier vibe. Red violet hues look great on naturally dark hair and appear flattering with various eye colors while exuding fun cool-girl energy. After all, Viva Magenta is the 2023 Pantone Color of the Year! So, try a more purple variation of black cherry hair for a more punk version of the trend.

Try it with short hair

Although many models who rock the black cherry hair trend have long, flowing tresses or sleek medium-length locks, you don't need long hair lengths to flaunt the hair color. The black cherry hair color looks just as beautiful on short hair as it does with long and mid-length locks, as short black cherry hair is cute, sassy, and playful. Thus, if you have a bob or pixie cut, you should try dyeing it in a fun black cherry hue!

Wear black cherry bangs

Now is a better time than ever to try bangs because they're super trendy. Why not be as on-trend as possible by opting for a fringe and the black cherry hair color? Bangs look super cute with the black cherry red or reddish-purple tint, as the youthful, playful hue pairs well with the fun, mysterious bangs, whether they're a blunt, micro, or wispy style.