The Dramatically Dark Hair Color Trend We're Already Seeing Everywhere In 2023

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Goth girls, rejoice. There's a new hair color trend in town, and, for once, it isn't blond or balayage. That's right; super dark hair is back and in its best iteration of all time. Have you ever involuntarily cringed over someone's new ultra-harsh and unnatural blue-tinted black dye job? Not this time. The dark hair color of 2023 is natural, healthy-looking, and flattering. It's based in a cool-leaning neutral tone that looks amazing on nearly everyone.

Stars like Megan Fox and Ciara have jumped on the trendy dark-haired bandwagon, as seen on Instagram. Not to mention Netflix character of the century, Wednesday. Perhaps you'll be next. If you're looking for a change and you're tired of bleaching and all the damage it brings, consider going dark. It's trendy, gorgeous, and easier to care for (via Youbeauty). Here's all the inspiration you need to embrace this new black-haired trend at any length. 

Raven hair has entered the chat

Raven hair is the newest and greatest trend in hair color. It's black, but it's not harsh or unnatural. The neutral tones keep it from reading blue, and the cool tones prevent it from fading into brassiness. It is the best of both worlds, wrapped up in a big black bow. 

Long and glossy

No need to change up your tried and true long and wavy tresses just because you're going raven. This is a color that flatters literally any length or style. The shine created by adding color to your hair rather than stripping it away highlights every movement. Just don't forget to continue your usual conditioning routine. 

Paired with red

If you really want to crank up the contrast on your new raven hair, pair it with streaks, chunks, or a peekaboo section of a bright color like stoplight red. Heads will turn. Since red can be quick to fade, however, be sure to rinse with cool water and always use a color-safe shampoo on hair that has been dyed any color. 

Classic bangs

Put your best hair color forward, literally, by pairing your new raven shade with brand classic new bangs. The dark color works almost like a picture frame for presenting your face's best features and showing the world your beautifully complemented skin tone. Bangs are also a tried-and-true way to hide any pesky insecurities you may hold around your forehead. 

Full goth

To really embrace the ultra-dark raven hair aesthetic, let your goth flag fly. Ditch your bronzer and rock paleness to the max, including frosty eyeshadow and lipstick. Ask yourself if a vampire would wear it out on the town to feed, and if the answer is no, it stays home. 

Short and sweet

Raven hair doesn't have to be long to be breathtaking. It's the perfect color for a short, wavy, vintage pinup-like look. Allowing the full length of your hair to frame your face accentuates your features in a whole new and accentuating light. It's giving Snow White vibes in the very best way.