Express Your Pride With These 30 Nail Designs While Celebrating Your Community

We would like to invite you to join us on a colorful and fabulous journey as we dive into the world of stunning nail designs that celebrate the LGBTQ+ community. These nail art creations are not only perfect for pride events, but they are also absolute showstoppers for everyday wear. So, whether you're attending a parade, showing your support, or simply wanting to express your vibrant spirit, these nail designs are here to make a statement.

While each of the designs tells a unique story by expressing love and inclusivity, most of them have a couple of things in common: namely, bright colors and the occasional glitter. We've got a whole range of nail art designs that will awaken your imagination and ignite your creativity, and while it's totally okay to copy these fully, you can also use them as inspiration for your own unique design. Now, get ready to express your pride, celebrate your community, and embrace your true colors with these nail designs. After all, your nails can be cute, or they can be cute and make a statement — it's up to you!

Rainbow ombré nails + glitter

These rainbow ombré beauties are a burst of color that will instantly brighten up your day. Each nail features a stunning transition of two colors that are adjacent on the rainbow, creating a fierce and fabulous effect. If you're recreating them yourself, it's best to dab the two colors onto your nail with the help of a sponge. And because we're all about that extra touch of magic, a clear glitter top coat should be applied, as it brings an irresistible sparkle that catches the light with every flick of your fingers. With these stunning rainbow ombré nails, you'll proudly display the joy for your community all day long.

Cloud trans nails

This design is all about showcasing your trans pride with a touch of whimsy. The centerpiece is a striking representation of the transgender flag transformed into a vibrant rainbow across each nail. Grab a thin brush to recreate this eye-catching nail look, and let your steady hand work its magic. But wait, there's more! Those fluffy white clouds surrounding the rainbow can be easily recreated by dabbing white nail polish with a small sponge, giving your nails a dreamy, cloud-like texture. You'll be floating on cloud nine with nails like these, proudly expressing your trans identity in style. 

Pastel pride nails

If you're looking for a simple yet stunning pride nail design, look no further than these pastel nails. This look is perfect for those who are still working on their nail polish skills, as the design embraces the beauty of simplicity. Each nail showcases a different color of the rainbow but with a soft twist — every shade is a dreamy pastel. The result is an enchanting and gentle representation of pride. With these pastel beauties, you can effortlessly express your true colors in a chic and simple way.

Classic rainbow tips

Rainbow tips are a colorful twist on the classic French manicure. Instead of white tips, these nails feature all the colors of a vibrant rainbow — and this is the ideal choice for almond-shaped nails as they naturally create that rainbow curve. This nail set can last longer with gel or acrylic, as the neutral base makes any growth less noticeable. It is also customizable with soft or bold colors and offers a fresh and personalized take on a pride classic.

Minimalist bi nails

For a minimalist nail look that makes a meaningful statement, consider nude nails with a swirly bisexual flag on one or two accent nails. By keeping the majority of the nails nude, the overall appearance remains clean — plus, the simplicity of this design makes it a breeze to recreate.

Asymmetrical pride nails

How fierce and fantastic are these asymmetrical pride tips? Each tip features two vibrant colors, but don't be afraid to unleash your creativity and use as many colors as your heart desires. Say goodbye to boring nails and hello to fabulous asymmetrical pride tips that will make heads turn!

Pansexual pride nails

These pansexual pride nails are all about celebrating love and diversity. Each nail features three vibrant stripes representing the pansexual flag, and to amp up the fun, all the colors are gorgeously glittery. If you don't have glittery polish in every shade, don't worry: A glittery top coat will, again, do the trick. The best part? While these nails rock the pansexual flag, you can easily replicate the same design with any other LGBTQ+ flag, spreading love and pride with every stroke of your brush.

Rainbow accent nails

A deep emerald green manicure is great, but a deep emerald green manicure with two rainbow accent nails is even better. To recreate this look, you can opt for glittery polish or a regular one — but as you've guessed, we are definitely team glitter. The best part about this set is that the other nails don't have to be green. You can choose your favorite color to match your personality or your outfit.

Chic lesbian nails

You can never go wrong with some chic lesbian nails that scream pride and style. These nails are all about representing the lesbian flag with a twist of funky retro designs. While one nail proudly flaunts the flag's colors, the others give us vibrant flowers and adorable hearts, all in the iconic flag shades. Now, embrace your inner fashionista and rock a cute nail design that also honors your truth.

Wiggly nonbinary nails

These fabulous wiggly nonbinary nails scream individuality, which obviously makes them an excellent choice for your manicure. Start with a layer of ultra-sparkling silver glitter or any other base color that speaks to your personal style. Then, draw a wiggly line that visually connects the nails. This line should be composed of four distinct lines forming the nonbinary flag — or any other flag you pick.

Rainbow tips on straight nails

While almond nails beautifully mimic the curve of a rainbow, straight-cut nails offer a distinct charm by mimicking the straight lines of the iconic pride flag. This allows you to express your pride in a very obvious but fun way. A pro tip is to start with the color that is closest to your cuticle and work your way up to the tip. This ensures straight lines, as you can focus on one edge at a time. The subsequent colors will naturally overlap the previous edge, ensuring the crispness of the design.

Asexual pride nails

Embrace your asexual pride with these fun nails that perfectly capture the essence of the community. Each nail showcases the colors of the asexual flag, and to add a touch of sparkle, don't forget to apply a top coat of glitter over them. Recreating these stunning nails is easier than you think. All you need is a sponge to ensure the lines are slightly blended and a good nail polish remover to clean up any nail polish on your skin.

Genderfluid nails

How mesmerizing are these nails with an enchanting marble effect in the colors of the genderfluid flag? Not to mention that the fluidity of the design perfectly represents what genderfluid stands for. Recreate this look by strategically dropping dots of each color onto your nails. While the dots are still wet, take a toothpick and gently twirl them to achieve the swirling marble pattern. To ensure a flawless finish without any gaps, we recommend painting all your nails in one of the flag colors first, allowing them to dry fully before adding the marble design. For a sleek and polished result, seal the design with a top coat to ensure a smooth texture.

Subtle pride nails

Looking for a subtle way to express your pride? This minimalist nail design is just what you need. The colors of the rainbow are delicately painted on the edges of the nails, making this design perfect for those who want to celebrate their pride in a more refined manner. Nails like these allow you to showcase your true colors without being overly flashy — not that there is anything wrong with that.

Funky lesbian nails

While these funky lesbian nails showcase various playful designs in the colors of the lesbian flag, you can always tone down the drama if that's what you prefer. Rocking the design on shorter nails and sticking to a single design for a more cohesive look is always an option — but if you ask us, go big or go home!

Dotted pride nails

A very simple yet eye-catching design is these dotted pride nails. They feature a clear base coat and a dot in each color of the rainbow down the center of the nail, forming a rainbow line. These dotted pride nails are another excellent option for those who aren't nail art pros, as the dots are easily achieved by dipping the back of a thin brush into your nail polish and then using it to dab a drop of it onto the nail, creating a perfect dot each time.

Bi mani with a statement thumb

The beauty of this design also lies in its simplicity with only one nail featuring a more intricate pattern. The thumb has a bisexual flag design, while the other nails rock solid colors in the shades of it. This is another look that can easily be replicated with any flag you choose, and the best part is that it isn't a time-consuming design. 

Pride heart nails

These rainbow hearts are the perfect option for anyone who is planning to visit their nail tech or is simply skilled enough to tackle a more intricate design on their own. All that is needed are nail polishes in each color of the pride flag and a super thin brush to draw hearts with. Yes, this design might take some time to recreate — but the end result is definitely worth it!

Rainbow swirls

If you're looking for an intricate nail design that falls between the rainbow flag and delicate motifs like flowers or hearts, swirly lines are your best option. They add a touch of complexity without requiring a steady hand, and they certainly make your nails stand out — especially if you seal the design with a sparkly top coat.

Funky trans pride nails

How stunning are these funky trans pride nails that flaunt a unique design inspired by the colors of the trans flag? What makes these nails truly eye-catching is the consistent use of the same color scheme throughout, which helps to create a cohesive and harmonious look. Just looking at these nails, we can't help but think of empowerment and acceptance.

Whimsical pride nails

Even though colorful nails look amazing, sometimes a clear base allows the design to shine even more. In this example, the clear background allows the whimsical elements to pop, creating a mesmerizing and magical effect. Each nail tells a story of love, acceptance, and celebration, representing the vibrant spirit of the LGBTQ+ community perfectly.

Flag tips + glitter base

This fun nail design combines two fabulous elements we already talked about: colorful flag tips and a sparkling glitter base. What sets it apart is that each tip represents a different flag from the LGBTQ+ community, showcasing the diverse identities within it. Whether you choose to represent your own identity or showcase unity by including multiple flags, these nails make a powerful statement.

Ombré bi nails

By now, it's clear that ombré nails are a fun way to showcase the vibrant colors of a pride flag. It's no wonder this trend has gained popularity, as achieving a flawless gradient with a sponge is much simpler than precise color transitions. This design shows how the ring and pointer fingers take center stage with a gradient that seamlessly blends the adjacent colors of the bisexual flag, while the other nails are painted in a solid color.

Geometric nonbinary nails

Inspired by the colors of the nonbinary flag, this design embraces clean lines and geometric shapes to create a funky nail style. Each nail features a unique pattern, and the geometric shapes could be interpreted as expressing individuality, which certainly makes them very appropriate for expressing nonbinary pride.

Gay pride nails

Another option for showing off your community is this fabulous set of gay pride nails. They feature the vibrant colors of the trans-inclusive gay men's pride flag by giving us a stunning combination of green and purple. While the design itself is simple, the addition of a glitter top coat gives these nails the necessary drama. Yes, by now it's clear that glitter simply makes everything better.

Intersex pride nails

With a bright yellow base and eye-catching purple circles on top, these nails scream confidence while resembling the intersex flag. With this design, your nails are the ones that do the talking, as it's clear that you are proud and supportive of the community. And yes, even if the circles aren't perfect, this design is still a slay.

Pansexual chrome nails

Pansexual pride takes on a futuristic twist with these stunning chrome nails. Each nail features the stripes of the pansexual flag slightly blended to create an ombré effect that gives off a mesmerizing look. Using chrome nail polish on each nail enhances the overall futuristic and fun vibe, making this nail design something everybody will swoon over.

Bisexual daisy nails

If you're looking for a playful and summery design, we've got you — these bisexual daisy nails are not only ultra-cute, but they also make a big statement. With a clear base, a wiggly bisexual stripe running through the center, and cute daisies splattered all over, this design is giving youthful energy and ultimate fun. What's better than showing off your pride with a touch of floral charm and letting your nails bloom with joy?

Glitter rainbow nails

If you're someone who has plenty of glitter nail polishes, put them to use by creating a fun glittery rainbow flag on top of a nude base. Alternatively, if you only have a glitter top coat, try to apply it over just the rainbow to achieve the same effect.

Minimalist pride flag dots

We've already explored big pride dots that resemble the LGBTQ+ flag, however, you can use a similar technique to show support for different parts of the community. And if you are looking for a more minimalist design, make sure that the dots are tiny — just use the back of a thinner brush to apply the nail polish.