Colorful French Manicures Are The Perfect Blend Of Bright Summer Shades And Neutral Nail Trends

As we've already seen, French manicures are having a revival in a big way this year. Besides the typical French manicure that usually sees white tips, we've seen how newer trends have given a unique twist to this nail design. The French manicure is a classic design that's often a go-to for those looking for a simple yet elegant design. Still, some of the recently updated twists include patent leather French manicures and double French manicures, which bring some newness to a timeless nail. Although you can never go wrong going with the traditional French tips, there are plenty of ways you can give your nails a splash of color.

In fact, summer is typically when many increase the saturation of their wardrobe and beauty color palettes. Recently, we've seen bold and vibrant colors like cobalt blue taking the year's trends by storm. Although vibrant colors can be a refreshing twist, you always want to ensure your nails match all of your looks and events for the season, too. Combining the love of color and French manicures is the easiest way to give your nails some personality without going too out of the box.

Pastel French manicures

Getting a colorful French manicure isn't just about getting the most vibrant hue. Pastel and light shades are the perfect way to introduce color while still staying light and airy. Fans of neutrals will love a pastel hue, as it doesn't take you too far out of your comfort zone but still brings a summer twist. You could opt for a different shade on each nail or the same shade throughout. Either way, you'll have a flawless and captivating design.

Bicolor French manicures

Why choose one color when you can have two? Although the French tips are just a small line at the top of the nail, there's no reason why you can have some fun with it. Opt for a design that showcases two of your favorite colors. Not only are bicolor French tips uncommon to find, but they're also a fun twist to upgrade your French manicure.

Micro-mini French manicures

The micro-mini aesthetic isn't just for your Prada skirts; it's also the newest French manicure twist that gives a big chance to your nails with a little line. Going for a thin line instead of the regular tip will not only give you a hint of color but will have everyone doing a double-take. To get the best micro-mini French tip, simply use the edge of your brush or half of your nail pen to get the perfect amount of polish.

Abstract French manicure

Just because you are getting a French manicure doesn't mean you have to stick with the typical French tips. All you have to do is create an abstract French tip for a look that is as unique as you are. Whether you go for a square French tip or a liquid tip, play with the shape of your French tip for a unique mani.

Double French manicures

We already know that double French manicures are one of the most playful variations you can get of this timeless design. To get the best double French manicure, simply add a second French tip of another color underneath your first French tip. Having two French tips gives you the chance to play with complementary colors or simply show off your favorite hues.

Rainbow French manicure

Everyone knows that the traditional version of a French manicure calls for a white French tip on all nails. While these give you an elegant and cohesive nail design, it's time to give your nails several splashes of color. Play with colors by giving each nail a different color than the previous one. Furthermore, you can go with all pastels or vibrant hues for cohesion in your manicure. Meanwhile, using various shades is more playful.

Reverse French manicures

Once you've finished painting your French tips, it's time to give the bottom of your nail some love as well. A reverse French manicure takes the French tip and places it on the bottom curve of your nail. Give your nails both designs for a fun twist that doesn't take much more work to achieve. Not only will this design give you a bigger pop of color, but it will complete two trends in one.