Freshwater French Nails: The Pearlescent Take On The Mermaidcore Manicure Trend

Without any doubt in the sea, mermaidcore has made landfall and is at the forefront of trending fashion, from apparel to hairpieces to makeup. Now mermaidcore has made its way upstream to a dazzling pearlescent take on the classic French manicure, fittingly called freshwater French nails. Mermaidcore is one of numerous micro-trends created on social media and given the suffix of 'core' to indicate its origins. However, mermaidcore has made a much bigger splash than just being a mere micro-trend, and the latest siren-esque approach to the underwater style is a definite testament to the affection which exists for the sea-inspired fashion. 

The traditional version of the French manicure is a white tip on top of a nude or clear base coat of polish, but modernization of the style is picking up steam and gaining traction with more engaging contemporary options, such as freshwater nails. For those who can't don full mermaid costumes throughout the day, there are subtle ways to indulge in the spirit of your inner mermaid without affecting your reputation as a working professional or busy adult juggling all of life's responsibilities. With pearlescent freshwater French manicures, you can take a quick dip deep into the sea and come back up for air when it's time to tackle the next work project or household chore. Here's how to embrace the oceanic nature of this underwater twist on the traditional French manicure. 

Add hidden gems or pearls

The most straightforward way to wear a freshwater French manicure is to replace the iconic white polish at the tips of your nails with a polish of a pearlescent tint, particularly one of off-white shading for the slightest variation from the classic style. However, sticking with a small variant of the classic French manicure doesn't mean you can't bury treasure beneath the sea, figuratively speaking, by adding a hidden gem on one or two fingers. Just like real pearls, the search for the sparkling items can become experiences worth reveling in. 

Don't hold back on the bling

Should subtle hidden gems or small pearls added to your manicure not be enough of the creamy shimmer given off by these underwater treasures, then by all means deck yourself out in pearls! Mermaidcore pays homage to pearlescent palettes and the onset of a pearl renaissance, with freshwater French manicures one of the first fascinating finds to break the surface. Whether you pair a set of freshwater French nails with a strand of pearl jewelry or go all out by adding pearls to your manicure itself, you'll be certain to look pearl-fectly splendid!

Indulge in shimmery pearlescent polish

Though French manicures strictly adhere to white tips and nude undercoats, you're free to ditch the rulebook and open your options as far as you can see into the sea. In fact, two-toned French manicures whose shades subtly fade into one another, along with more drastic ombre styles, are coming into vogue. Give yourself permission to be creative, perhaps going for a pearly-hued manicure of vibrantly bold colors, switching up a pearl-tipped look by painting select nails entirely in the pearlescent polish or going all the way with solid coats of pearl polish. 

Vary the shades of your inner mermaid

It's important to remember that most mermaids are adorned in mesmerizing iridescent hues making up a colorful palette that's not restricted to the off-white tint of popular pearls. In fact, even pearls themselves aren't limited to the single shade but can appear in natural tones of gold, blue, pink, gray, black, lavender, and brown. Some pearls are naturally multi-colored, making the options for your freshwater French manicure as vibrant as the rainbow. Choose your favorite color with a pearlescent sheen and let your inner mermaid swim free! 

Dip into the duality of pearlescent hues

Finding yourself in the conundrum of having to choose between options you feel you simply can't go without isn't an issue with freshwater French manicures. One increasingly popular way to wear the nail style is by blending two pearlescent shades of polish or combining a pearlescent choice with an iridescent hue for the enjoyment of multiple magical mermaidcore colors. You don't even have to stick with merely polish, as you can add sea-themed stickers and glitter to mimic the sun's glistening rays shining atop the ocean's waves.