Is He Hot Or Just 'Camp Hot'? Limited Options Can Skew Your Perception

TikTok may sometimes turn into an endless time suck, but at least it exists as a reminder that we're never alone. Since the video platform took off and allowed people to share their opinions and lives, many have realized that their thoughts, quirks, and ideas are held by more people than they ever realized. Videos relating to people lamenting that they've "never had an original experience" have garnered over two million views.

The relating and oversharing extend far beyond buying into a dance trend or using viral audio. Many have found peace in their relationship woes and boy troubles by talking things through on the app. From the "Ben Phase" dating trend to creating a humorous, end-of-year Dating Wrapped, it's easy to curate a TikTok feed that feels like a never-ending sleepover with your best friends. 

And listen, we're all about passing the Bechdel test, but what would be a girl chat without discussing crushes? To make sure that you're up to date and ready for the next slumber party, you're going to want to familiarize yourself with TikTok's latest crush classification. You've heard of New York 9s and LA 5s. Now, it's time to come face-to-face with the Summer Camp 10. 

TikTok has a new phrase to help justify your taste

If you've heard the phrase "camp hot" and could only come up with images of bonfires, TikTok user @averybrynn1 has your back. The creator boasts nearly 100,000 followers and is known for dispensing advice over a popular, jazzy audio. In a recent video addressed to her perhaps misinformed "besties," Avery said, "I want to ENSURE that we are all on the same page regarding what it means to be Camp Hot. Bestie you do not like him nor is he cute, he's simply the best option available at the moment (I.e., at summer camp)."

Avery points the finger at "our ancestors," positing that our propensity for falling in love with our current best bet is a "survival of the fittest kinda thing." But whether or not you agree with her analysis of the phenomenon, there seems to be no debating its existence. The comment section was filled with viewers sharing the experience. One quipped, "[W]hen it's week 6 of 8 at camp and ur 2 of a co counselor starts to look like a 9." 

Another took the analogy beyond the campsite. "Me and my friends call it the 'reality show effect,'" she shared. "[Y]ou're falling in love cause they're there not cause it's a good option." 

Loving the camp hot guy

Of course, there's nothing wrong with being drawn to the best-looking guy in any given space. If your summer camp experience wouldn't be complete without a week-long fling, you might as well survey your options. And, there's no reason to believe that your romance wouldn't last far beyond this metaphorical summer camp stay. There's much more to attraction and chemistry than looks, and you might uncover other traits that transform your "camp hot" man from a cabin-mate to a soulmate. 

However, the danger in the "camp hot" phenomenon lies in our willingness to overlook negative qualities in favor of pursuing what we see as the best current option. If your "camp hot" man is the only person around your age at your workplace, for example, you may begin to idealize him and dismiss qualities that would normally not check your boxes for a partner. While honoring the urge to find someone to couple up with, you might dismiss your own worth and standards. Become too fixated on the "camp hot" guy and you might get burned. 

Needless to say, this lighthearted TikTok vocab word can serve as a gentle reminder to be mindful while dating. What is drawing you to your crushes? What are you hoping for out of a potential relationship with them? And will they still be the person you're wanting to be with when there are other people around? They say that proximity impacts attraction, but summer camp only lasts so long.