Mermaidcore And Barbiecore Are Joining Forces For The Ultimate Summer Manicure

Choosing between Barbiecore and mermaidcore can feel as difficult as having to choose between living in a dream house or an underwater palace. As summer film releases give some of the best parts of the '90s rejuvenated makeovers, with the upcoming "Barbie" movie and the live-action version of "The Little Mermaid" leading the way, picking one or the other for your summer style can feel impossible. Should you embrace your love of all things pink or allow your inner mermaid to swim free? The good news is that now you don't have to choose since the two trending styles are joining forces for pearlescent nails you'll adore.

Of course, it was inevitable that Barbie's famed attributes as a social butterfly and the bold confidence at the heart of mermaids would get along swimmingly. Remember that Barbie herself has even spent time exploring the adventures to be found under the sea in the nostalgic '90s mermaid Barbie doll with color-changing hair and tail when dipped into water. In fact, Barbie enjoyed her time as a mermaid so much that the color-changing doll remains on the market today as a modern iteration of the figurine. Now, the combination of Barbiecore and mermaidcore are welcoming you to join their summer fun with manicures that maintain Barbie's signature color palette with the pearlescent rainbow found beneath the surface. Here's how you can enjoy the best of both worlds with the perfect pink-meets-pearls manicure. 

When pink meets pearls

Just as Barbie can be anything she wants to be and mermaids have the great expansiveness of the ocean at the tips of their fins, there are endless ways to blend Barbiecore and mermaidcore for the ultimate manicure to usher you into summer 2023. From glistening rainbow illusions created with elements of chrome, as well as the spectacle of iridescent shades and top coats, to the quickly growing excitement for hologram makeup and manicures, the choices for the perfect Barbie-meets-mermaid nail fashion encompass both the land and sea. 

The secret to both Barbiecore and mermaidcore garnering as much popularity as they have since first emerging on social media is their complementary roots in defining what it means to be feminine through a lens promoting independence, confidence, and self-assurance. Both trends have foundations supporting individualism, with the modern interpretations of Barbiecore and mermaidcore redefining traditional beauty norms. For this reason, be yourself and choose the blended trend nail styling of your personal liking! 

As you begin merging these two mesmerizing aesthetics, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. In this case, start with the basics of each style, which for Barbiecore is pink and for mermaidcore are pearlescent palettes. The easiest way to achieve Barbie-meets-mermaidcore is with pink pearlescent polish. As you steady your sea legs, you can extend your manicure mode following Barbie's fearless lead and the adventurous undertakings of mermaids to don as ambitious of nail styling as you desire. 

Embrace your inner color-changing Barbie mermaid

As you begin to envision the plethora of creations that can come from the combination of Barbiecore and mermaidcore, tap into your inner mermaid Barbie. Embracing the color-changing glory, the colorful transition which occurs when Barbie enters the water, is the precise embodiment of the convergence of Barbiecore and mermaidcore. The sea-kissed glimmer of mermaids and Barbie's sun-kissed glow unify in exciting color-changing palettes of every tone found within the rainbow. You can cultivate this look through an ombre manicure, opting for the classic varying shades of one color or letting your inner mermaid Barbie take control and going for a multicolor manicure symbolic of the bold colors which appear when the doll is immersed in water. 

Providing your nails with a refreshing dip in the ocean, paint a coat of iridescent polish on top of your colorful hues for a touch of liquid illusion. The illusion of a glistening rainbow shimmer can also be garnered with holographic polish, which relies on an underlying opaque color palette so you can achieve the color-changing shimmer effect with a single bottle of nail polish.

If you're in need of a manicure muse, draw inspiration from Halle Bailey's iconic silvery-blue iridescent gown, described by Page Six as resembling the glittering water of the deep blue. Add a splash of pink to the sea glass hues and you'll have the exact composition of a color-changing mermaid Barbie.

Utilize unicorn magic for the trifecta of nail trends

In the event that the magic of mermaids and Barbie's pink powers aren't spectacular enough, enter unicorn nails. Try applying the glazed donut-inspired chrome unicorn powder – yet another trend which has swept social media and the fashion world alike — on top of your favorite pink polish for a glimmering, iridescent rainbow sheen that creates the appearance of the sun reflecting off the sea with a shimmering visual manifestation. However, instead of the iridescent palette gleaming a rainbow spectrum above blue waters, the unicorn powder creates a blushing pink panorama beneath the sparkling luminescence applied to your nails. Think of having the illusion of pink sand beaches on your nails — that's the trifecta of Barbiecore, mermaidcore, and unicorn magic!

As you explore the convergence of your inner mermaid with the spirit of Barbie to create the manifestation of a majestic manicure, make certain you're allowing yourself to be as creative as possible. Using the resources found under the sea and within Barbie's dream house, adorn your nails with a healthy dose of glitter, pearl adornments, and designs that stretch your imagination. Amidst the glitz and glamour of the dynamic duo that is the teaming of Barbiecore and mermaidcore, don't forget that both trends encourage individuality and authentic expression. Whichever polish palette you settle on at the salon or for your next DIY manicure, allow your unique personality to shine without hesitation.