Garden Glaze Nails Are The Green Chrome Take On Hailey Bieber's Glazed Donut Mani

Nails that shine like no other are all the rage lately and if you haven't taken the plunge and tried out the ultra-glazed look for yourself, let this be your sign to do so. And what's even more timely for the warm weather are the ethereal, leafy, deep green, chrome accents we're seeing everywhere that have us totally enchanted. The earthy, garden goddess energy of this mani trend is a breath of fresh air and we're loving the many iterations of the eye-catching, glazed evergreen tones.

Inspired by Hailey Bieber's glazed donut mani we all had heart eyes for, the deep emerald green, garden glaze nail is a fun and free-spirited spin-off. Ideal for the more elegant events you may be attending this summer, garden glaze nails are an ethereal glimpse into cottagecore meets woodland witch and we are more than here for it. Here's some inspo for your next nail salon visit.

Garden goddess

Is there anything more romantic than this foliage-inspired manicure? We don't think so. A veer away from the pea green nail trend, the spring green waves and high gloss are just what we're after this season when it comes to the garden glaze trend. Elegant, ethereal, and fit for a forest fairy — this is the swoon-worthy embodiment of whimsy.

Gilded elegance

These dainty gilded leaves are the perfect accent for a glazed mani. The subtle, earthy beauty works seamlessly with the garden glaze theme and we hope to see a lot more of the gold and sage or emerald green combos out there. Perfect for picnic dates, garden parties, and woodsy gatherings of all kinds.

Minimalist and chic

We're loving this modern, sage green, glazed chic minimalist nail design with the perfect coordination of jewelry. There's just about nothing more satisfying than pairing your favorite dainty rings and bracelets with a fresh manicure. The garden glaze can be personalized in a variety of ways and we love to see the unique takes of this trend.

Marbled edges

The marbled mani meets garden glaze — could we be loving it more? Not likely. This marbled green, angled tip mani is one for the books. Summery, breezy, and carefree, this style takes the cake when it comes to effortless and subtle glitz and glam chrome style. Ideal for beachy, summer fun.

Emerald and gold

A fuller take on the green marbled glaze mani, this emerald dream is one we can't get out of our minds. Nothing says garden goddess quite like these earthy tones. We can see this paired with the most ethereal of flowing, white, peasant tops and a long, whimsical braid. Let your nails lead the way with a new look this summer.

Glitz and glam

Full on chrome — this high-tech, bright glazed manicure has major urban garden vibes and we could not love it more. If you typically opt for simpler nails, this could be the perfect jump into flashy and fun for a summer of running around the city. It has the same must-have glossy glaze you already love, with the added bonus of some glitter and sparkle.