Pea Green Is The Unexpected Nail Color Trend Bringing Retro Vibes To Your Manicure

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Though St. Patrick's Day has long passed, green is the 'it' nail color of the season. It's an incredibly versatile color for any manicure, from dark forest tones to vibrant neon green. One shade you might not have on your radar yet is pea green, which falls somewhere on the spectrum between olive and bright and poppy chartreuse. This underrated polish color will have you feeling groovy this summer, reminding you of retro earthy tones that dominated the '70's. 

Not sure where to find this unique and specific shade of green? You can always count on classic brands like Essie and OPI to have any shade you can think of, including pea green. Try Essie's "Piece of Work" or OPI's "Pear-adise Cove," both gorgeous renditions of this green. For other options, try Pear Nova Classic Lacquer in the shade "One Piece Wonder," or J. Hannah's polish in the shade "Eames." There are many ways to wear pea green, so we've gathered a few looks to give you some inspiration. 

Polka dots

Pea green pairs very well with neutral tones like cream, white, or beige. Add some polka dots for a fun, retro vibe that will liven up your look. You can give every nail some polka dots, or save them for just one or two nails while keeping the other nails a solid pea green, as seen in the look above. This will add the perfect pop of color to any neutral outfit. 

Psychedelic waves

If you're going for a '70s comeback manicure, wavy line art is the way to go. This design was all the rage during that time, and it makes for some fun and trippy nails. You can stick to the pea green or pair it with other colors like pink, orange, and yellow.


Capture the flower power aesthetic of the '70s and pair pea green with floral nail art. Pea green's yellow undertones will bring out the yellow in your daisies, and you'll have a vibrant garden on your fingertips. This shade will keep your manicure light and playful, and you can add fun shapes and colors like blue, orange, and pink.

Subtle gradient

For a more muted pea green, you can apply a thin layer of pea green with a sponge and blend it with white or cream polish. This almost has the effect of an aura manicure. As seen in the look above, pea green pairs beautifully with gold jewelry as well, so bring out your ring collection when sporting this manicure.

Mix and match

Want a modern spin on this retro shade of green? Try out a mismatched manicure with a dark olive green contrasted with pea green. For the look above, the nail artist used a builder gel and blooming gel as well as molten metal nail paint for the silver details.