Elevated Slides Are A Thing, And They're The Shoe Of The Summer

There is something about summer weather that makes it distinctly difficult to dress yourself — or at least dress yourself in anything comfortable but also breezy and light and halfway cute. And do not even get us started on the shoes because picking shoes to wear each summer is nothing less than a nightmare, one where you need to pick exactly the right shoe or you come home at the end of a beautiful summer day wanting to cut your sweaty, stinky, blister-infested feet off.


But it's not just a bad dream. It's the reality of the summer season, when we cannot afford to have shoes be a last-minute thought. The selection requires forethought and love of your feet, which cannot be walking around in your stuffy cold-weather shoes all day long. 

But here's the deal: There exists such a thing as the perfect summer shoe, and it just so happens to be the current shoe of the summer. Elevated slides are it, and we're all about them.

Minimal slides

Options vary when it comes to summer slides, but if you don't quite know where to start, the more minimal the better — check out this cute pair seen on Gagi Hadid that won't break the bank. Solid colors and one texture take priority when it comes to minimalism; plus, it should match most of your wardrobe. 


If your summer closet consists of tons of whites and beiges, a khaki or off-white slide will do the trick. Or if your closet holds mostly colorful items, you could get away with black or brown slides or even a color that matches the most common color found in your closet.

Beachy slides

Beachy slides, as you might've guessed, can be worn to the beach while elevating your outfit. They add rather than detract from your carefully chosen bikini and coverup the way flip-flops tend to do. And they're just as comfortable while they do their job. So why don't more of us wear them to the beach already? Beats us. 


For fuss-free beach outings, select your sandals in a neutral hue or go with a classic black. In a pinch, match them to your coverup rather than your bathing suit so you can go from sand to streetwear seamlessly.

City-girl slides

We could never forget the reigning slide. The city-girl slide is more than common during the winter, but did you know it also transitions into your summer outfits oh-so smoothly? Because it definitely does. Not only are slides comfortable and already buttery-soft from wear (because who doesn't own a pair, at this point?), but they also go with everything.


Take your laid-back summer 'fit and add an even chiller vibe by sliding those feet right into your city slides for optimal comfort. Ready to walk around like a tourist?

Heeled slides

If you ever wonder how you can take the comfort of slides and apply it to a dinner shoe, worry not. Heeled slides exist, and they're so darn cute. Cocktail hour, anyone?

Many brands are re-introducing this iconic kitten-heel slide into the rotation, so you can find them pretty much anywhere in any color you desire. Black with flowers? Done. Pink straps? Ready to go home with you. Neons? You guessed it, they exist. Any dinner outfit, be it lengthy skirts or wide-leg pants, will benefit from the boost of a comfy heeled slide.


Textured slides

It might seem that slides are a plain and easy choice when it comes to finishing off an outfit and stepping out the door. And they can be if you need them to. But don't underestimate slides because they can take an outfit from basic to understatedly chic in just a few seconds.


Next time your warm-weather outfit needs that je ne sais quoi to take it to the next level, try sliding on a pair of textured — quilted, woven espadrilles — sandals and strut in full (but fashionable) comfort. We don't call them elevated for nothing.

All-season slides

Another thing elevated slides are well known for is their ability to transition between seasons smoothly and without sacrificing the integrity (read cuteness) of an outfit. You can wear them with everything: pants, skirts, dresses. They can bring a relaxed touch to a still-chilly spring outfit that prioritizes warmth from the ankles up. Or they can prove handy in the days just before it goes back to boots and sneakers weather.


To elevate your in-between season outfits that can't quite commit to one season or another (we've all been there), give slides a try. They won't disappoint.