The Stiletto Boot Trend Will Pump Up Your Shoe Collection In 2023

Whether it's the middle of winter or summer has just started, you can embrace the latest boot trends. When it comes to choosing the ideal heels for you and your aesthetic, you may find your interest piqued by stiletto boots. A sharp heel that was literally named after a sleek Renaissance dagger, the style initially showed up in the 1930s (via MoMA). It then hit the mainstream in the 1950s thanks to the work of Roger Vivier, who was, at the time, Christian Dior's shoe designer. Eventually, other top brands — such as Oscar de la Renta, Christian Louboutin, and Jimmy Choo — began to showcase the super-high heels in their own designs and put their specific take on the style, which included stiletto boots. 

Balenciaga is another stiletto-embracing brand and released a $3,900 pair that almost sold out after Michelle Obama wore them in 2018 during an interview with Sarah Jessica Parker while the former first lady was promoting her memoir, "Becoming." Obama talked to the "Sex and the City" star and fashion icon about why she chose the thigh-high, golden, holographic pair with fierce stiletto heels (via Vox), saying, "They were just really cute. I was like, 'Those some nice boots!'"

Of course, you don't have to wear reflective boots to slay stilettos. Since Obama wore the style, they have continued to surge in popularity and are now a favorite choice of the style-savvy who are wearing various versions of this particular footwear in a range of fashionable ways.

Black pointed-toe stiletto boots

If you've never worn stiletto boots and aren't sure where to start, you can't go wrong with a classic black pair. For something that also has a modern edge, opt for ones that boast pointed toes that are just as sharp as the heels. As for height, you can choose whatever suits your outfit, or if you're a beginner, you can opt for something that settles a few inches under the knee. This will not only be relatively comfortable, but it will also offer your legs some added support.

Rounded-toe stiletto boots

Anyone who loves contrast in their look will surely adore the rounded toes on these boots, which are just as trendy as the sleek heels. Something you might expect to see on practical hiking boots, the larger area in the front of the boot can actually make them easier to walk in thanks to the fact that the wider base of the boots allows you to put more weight on them, which makes them (and you) sturdier. The extra space is also beneficial if you have wide feet or just don't like to squish your toes.

Thigh-high bubblegum pink stiletto boots

Although the color of these bubblegum pink boots is certainly sweet, the rest of the design is simply stunning. With the sharpest pointed toes, a fit that follows the curves of the legs, and a slight satiny sheen, these thigh-high boots are so striking that you can make them the main visual focus of your ensemble. Just pair them with a long white dress shirt that can act like a dress and perhaps a few accessories, and you've got a complete look that would be perfect for a night out on the town.

White stiletto boots with accents

You might assume that white boots are too plain for you, however, that's not the case with these stilettos. Along with the fabulously high heels and pristine color, this pair features a few accents that keep your eye entertained. Just check out the pieces added to the top of the foot. That's not to mention the same attention given to the back section. At the top, you'll find matching tidbits and a single string that hangs down the full length of the almost knee-high boots.

Mid-calf stiletto boots

If you're looking for something to wear with knee-length skirts or dresses, mid-calf stiletto boots are a great option. This is thanks to the fact that the combination leaves a relatively large gap between the top of the footwear and the bottom of your clothing, which offers the eye a visual break. The same goes for shorts that reach your knee. In turn, this gives you the perfect opportunity to mix up your summer look with a stylishly sporty outfit, bare legs, and chic pointed-toe boots that boast sky-high stiletto heels.

Red over-the-knee stiletto boots

Indulge your love of color by grabbing a pair of vibrant stiletto boots. Whether you prefer a fire engine red, electric sky blue, or a tie-dye mix of lime green, neon yellow, and hot pink, your boots will surely brighten up your day and give you a boost (due to both the color and heels). You can make sure you get the most out of the eye-catching color by opting for extra-high over-the-knee boots and choosing an outfit that brings out the best in the tone of your stilettos.

Purple metallic chrome stiletto boots

A contemporary chrome finish — which you may have spotted on reflective nails or as mirror-like makeup — is just as trendy as stiletto boots, and the two together are beyond bold (in the best kind of way, of course). The metallic shine of the material has just the right kind of flair and perfectly suits this style of flashy footwear. Although anything with a silvery shine is incredibly sleek, you could also pick out boots that are a light shade of purple that features a pretty pink sheen.

See-through stiletto ankle boots

You'll definitely be able to make a statement with the help of barely-there stiletto boots. This pair uses a see-through mesh-like material to form the body of the boot and also has a glittery exterior. It's topped off with a black bottom and heel while the color extends up along the back of the ankle before breaking off into a rim around the leg as well as around the inner heel. Each line frames the low-cut boots and gives them added definition that accentuates the overall shape and might make them your favorite new footwear.