'Earth Blond' Is The Warm-Toned Light Hair Color Of The Summer (Sorry, Platinum Girlies)

Blond hair has always been associated with the sunny days of summer. For many, that means bleaching to platinum as soon as the temperature rises and attempting to maintain that perfect silvery white until fall. While platinum can look stunning with the right skin tone, achieving and maintaining it is rarely worth the time, money, and significant damage to your hair. Skipping lightening altogether, though, can leave you feeling out of place as you embrace the beach life.

Luckily, there's a new blond in town for summer 2023 — earth blond. Earth blond is a dark shade reminiscent of the brond look but without the ultra-warm caramel tones. Instead, earth blond incorporates just enough warmth — mixed with cool ash undertones — to keep it from washing you out. Similar to the color of wet beach sand, this is the blond that will carry you through the summer season with minimal maintenance and much less damage. Consider the following ways to rock this trendy hue.  

Earthy long layers

Long, straight layers work especially well to showcase the gorgeous, underrated color that is earth blond — especially with a few strategically placed sun-kissed highlights. If your hair is on the thin or fine side, the minimal amount of bleaching required will help keep your delicate strands looking shinier, too.

Carefree beachy waves

Is there a more classic summer look than tousled, slightly tangled, intentionally messy waves? Earth blond and beachy waves are a match made in heaven that screams "fun in the sun" from the rooftops. Once you've achieved the color, scrunch some sea salt spray into damp hair, and off you go.

Natural curls

Extremely light and extremely dark hair colors can cause curls to blend together visually. A midtone, like earth blond, provides the perfect level to highlight your natural curl pattern without damaging it beyond repair. If you've always been too afraid of lightening your curls, ask your stylist about earth blond. 

Short hair, don't care

You don't need long hair to express yourself through color. Earth blond is a middle-of-the-road enough shortcut to rock with most skin tones without risking looking like a toe when your skin matches your hair and blends into one. If your hair is fried from previous summers of bleaching it platinum, consider going short with a darker blond this summer.