Dainty Vintage Watches Are Making A Comeback This Summer (Goodbye, Chunky Pieces)

As the cooler weather turns warmer, it's the perfect time to wear light layers, which include jewelry. While there will be various summer fashion trends, you should watch jewelry closely. One trend you'll see is people wearing dainty vintage watches, like Sofia Richie is doing, instead of chunky, clunky ones. Delicate vintage watches are timeless and sustainable and add a touch of chicness to any outfit. Moreover, they can be found anywhere, from thrift stores to high-end jewelry stores, so you can find a dainty vintage watch if you have a budget.

On the other hand, delicate vintage watches fit any fashion style since there are many watch finishes, such as gold, silver, two-tone, leather, etc. Each watch style can add a different look to your outfit and be worn for various occasions. For example, if you enjoy a sporty or casual appeal, leather watches are perfect for a workday, while gold watches are more elegant, and you can wear them to dinner or family events. Of course, you can style any watch with your outfits to add some flair, but if you're unsure which dainty vintage watches to purchase, here are a few styles you'll want to consider.

Family heirloom watches

If you've had a watch in your nightstand drawer that an older relative gifted you but you haven't worn because you've been up to date with other watch trends, now is the time to wear it. This silver vintage watch was passed down to @the_danish_darling by her grandmother. It's the perfect summer piece. The watch has the tiniest details, with the thin band interlocking with the lug by little latches. In addition, you can stack the watch with other watches or dainty bracelets, like a delicate charm bracelet or bangle. Tennis bracelets can make your watch shine. 

Vintage gold watch

Similar to the silver watch, this vintage gold watch is luxurious, with its linked band that resembles an ordinary bracelet. It's chic and lightweight for summer; wear it to brunch or a wine tasting. The numbers on the lug are almost childlike with their bold font. Most watches nowadays have four-hour indicators or Roman numeral digits. The shell-shaped latches on either side of the lug add character and elegance. You can pair the look with other gold accent bracelets or wear it alone to stand out.

Classic dainty vintage watch

If you like more classic watch styles, look out for a similar version of this vintage watch on your next shopping day. It'll bring a feminine touch to your outfits in a subtle way instead of standing out and stealing the show. The round lug has the Roman numeral for 12, followed by small black dots that represent every hour, which makes it easier to tell the time rather than having a few numbers on the dial. You can wear it to any special occasion you'll be attending in the summer; it's an excellent timepiece.

Try a dainty leather watch

We mentioned how leather watches can feel sporty yet casual, and this leather watch is precisely that; you can wear it to meetings but also to special events. The rectangular face and pink finish dial add a feminine touch to the leather, making it fashionable and sophisticated. At the same time, the mahogany leather strap adds balance to the overall appearance. As a result, it can be a great statement piece you can incorporate into your jewelry collection and wear all summer.

Opt for a two-tone vintage watch

If you're a gold and silver jewelry lover, two-tone watches will fit flawlessly with every jewelry piece you own. You won't have to decide whether to wear only gold or silver; you can mix and match. This two-toned vintage watch has a slightly thicker band than the other watches we've discussed but still has a delicate look. The oval face has a Roman numeral 12 followed by dashes. Wear this watch alone for it to be your main piece, or pair it with your favorite rings to elevate your outfit.

Get a detailed vintage watch

Even though dainty vintage watches are often smaller, you can still find some with intricate details. This stunning two-tone vintage watch has a braided-like band with gold accents and a square face. It's a charming piece, and eyes will be turning toward it everywhere you go. Since it has a mix of gold and silver, you can dress it up or pair it with a casual outfit. Wear it when you're going out with friends or to breakfast with your family. This vintage watch style will be your most worn jewelry piece.