4 Zodiac Signs Least Likely To Leave You On Read

Communication is paramount in building relationships with people. It's the best way to connect and understand the people around us, and it helps us get through the difficult moments in life. However, this can be really difficult for some people, especially when communicating through texts. Obviously, this is frustrating, especially when you need to get in contact with someone and they don't bother to send a full response.


Luckily, not everyone is like this, and the universe made sure of it. When consulting the zodiac, we can glean better understanding of who will text us back and who will leave us on read. In fact, Aquarius, Gemini, Capricorn, and Pisces are some of the best texters. This is because, unlike the rest of us, they're amazing at speaking their mind and understanding the value of maintaining the relationships around them. Still, each of these signs has individual qualities that lead you to always hear from them. 


If you find yourself in a text conversation with an Aquarius, expect to have a good time. Ruled by Saturn, they are born between January 20 and February 19 and are known for optimism, creativity, and innovation, which will definitely keep the conversation entertaining at all times. Their perspective when texting will not only be refreshing but also unique regardless of the time of day. What more could we ask for in a conversation?


What's more, their communication is worlds away from most people. This is because Aquarians love clear and direct communication. Do not expect them to be ambiguous with their messages because they hate miscommunication and would rather avoid it at all costs. While they love clear messages, they're not one for small talk. They enjoy meaningful conversations with the ones they love, so you'll naturally get to experience a very engaging conversation while talking to them. 


When it comes to communicating, Gemini is top tier. These people are lively and talkative, which means they always keep things interesting. If you befriend a Gemini, expect them to be the center of attention in one way or another — and you will befriend one. This sign is one to always have many friends. When it comes to the relationships they form, they have a deep need to connect with friends, family, and partners, so expect things to get personal, too. 


When texting a Gemini, it's best to expect clear responses that either are short and sweet or long and drawn out. The goal for them is to answer every part of your text in a way that feels best for them. When you have an emergency, a Gemini is your best bet after Taurus. After all, Gemini is considered one of the wise zodiac signs from which you should ask for advice.


A Capricorn is the perfect person to start a new text thread with. Before anyone else, people belonging to this sign are known for being trustworthy in any situation, as well as analytical. What's more, Capricorns think out everything they do, and this includes their texts and texting habits. This then means that when you speak to each other, the Capricorn's messages will be meaningful, thoughtful, and go beyond the typical "wyd."


Furthermore, like Taurus, it's best to expect a quick reply from this sign. "[Capricorns] carry parental energy and will be quick in response, especially for anything business related," astrologer Catherine Gerdes tells Bustle. "Despite a buttoned-up exterior, they also have a more hidden playful side that comes through in texts and memes" explained Gerdes. Allow yourself to have fun with the Capricorn and understand what they like. Getting a good feeling about how they like to communicate, the better the conversation will be.


Known to wear their heart on their sleeves, Pisces are great text partners. Those belonging to this sign are born between February 19 and March 20 and are ruled by Neptune. Furthermore, they value being authentic in their relationships and saying exactly how they feel. This could lead to deep conversations that last a few hours rather than minutes. Like Capricorn, they're very thoughtful with what they put out through text messages, as they don't want what they say to be misconstrued. It's important to note that they're in the group of the most sensitive zodiac signs, so it's important to watch your words with them, though you shouldn't let this stop you from being yourself.


If you're looking for someone who texts back immediately, Pisces is a great sign to text. They're the type always to have their phone in their hand. This means they're always available whether you want to talk to them at 12 a.m. or 12 p.m. Naturally, they'd rather stay in touch with their friends and family and never miss out on a thing — FOMO begone!