4 Zodiac Signs That Demand Apologies When They've Been Wronged

In every relationship, there will come a time when you will inadvertently say or do something that hurts or offends the other person. It's just the nature of human interaction. How the relationship proceeds beyond that point might just depend on the zodiac sign of the friend or loved one in question. If you're dealing with a go-with-the-flow watery Neptune-ruled Pisces, for instance, the odds are in your favor for easy forgiveness. If you've crossed a less forgiving sign, however, it might be best to start drafting your apology now, before you receive an ultimatum.


The following signs are the most likely to demand an apology when they've been wronged or — for some — even when they merely perceive that they've been wronged. If you're invested in staying in the good graces of these signs, here's how you should proceed after a misstep that lands you on their bad sides.


Ruled by stern, patriarchal Saturn, Capricorn takes both responsibility and personal accountability extremely seriously. If you think that your Cap friend is going to simply forgive and forget your wrongdoing as long as it doesn't happen again, you are sadly mistaken. Until you're ready to offer a formal apology, taking accountability for every mistaken step you've taken, expect to get the cold shoulder from this sign. Don't bother trying to outlast them; you won't. And, you'll lose a friend in the process.


Even if you've wronged someone else, a Capricorn is likely to call you out and demand you apologize. These are not the type of friends who will side with you even when you're wrong. They want to see you take responsibility for your own actions regardless of who was impacted by them. If you refuse, they might just decide that you aren't the kind of person they should be associating with.


Scorpio, the sullen scorpion, is easily the most likely zodiac sign of all to seek revenge. If you've made the fatal error of wronging a Scorpio, it would be wise to fess up and apologize long before an apology is demanded from you. The element of surprise might sway the outcome of a situation slightly in your favor. Self-preservation is the goal when you've crossed a Scorpion. If you refuse to apologize or try to downplay your actions, be prepared to feel the sting.


It would be entirely within a Scorpio's wheelhouse to meticulously plan the demise of your career, relationship, or social life as a response to you failing to take full accountability and ask for forgiveness. For them, plotting and scheming against a newly declared enemy is just a regular Wednesday night. If you do genuinely apologize, however, they are likely to welcome you back into their life and den — eventually.


One of the most stubborn signs in the zodiac, Taurus is not one to drop a subject. If they think that they're owed an apology, you're not going to hear the end of it until they get one. While the bull is not quick to anger, once its temper boils over, the force is nearly unstoppable. Once the situation arrives at this stage, the rage-fueled words and actions of the Taurian might push the relationship past the point of repair.


The best course of action is to suck it up and offer an apology before the Taurus loses their cool. While there's no guarantee that they'll forgive you, they'll be much more receptive before their temper flares. Cooler heads prevail when it comes to the bull. Just be sure to mention that you've learned the error of your ways — and really mean it. They can smell dishonesty a mile away.


Sagittarius, the truth-seeking archer, is a fire sign with a burning passion for all things fair. If a Sag friend feels like you've treated them unfairly, get ready to hear all about it. Just keep in mind that the truth a Sagittarius seeks tends to be their truth — not necessarily the cold hard facts — and they may become dogmatic about these beliefs. The archer is a little too fiery to achieve actual objectivity.


If you value this relationship, an apology will be required for it to continue. If you've been looking for a way to phase this particular person out of your life, on the other hand, this is your chance. Once you're viewed as unfair or unethical by a Sagittarius, you will never be redeemed without laying yourself on the mercy of their individual court in which they act as both the judge and the jury. Choose wisely.