Ornamental Tattoos: The Timeless, Wood Carving-Like Ink You Won't Regret

If you are looking to add to an already established tattoo sleeve or your very first tattoo, you may want to consider the popular ornamental tattoo. An ornamental tattoo is a decorative style of skin art that pays tribute to a person's culture and interests through creative designs and symbols, as per Certified Tattoo. Throughout history, this type of tattoo was used to show status within a community or an alliance with one group or another. You can spot ornamental tattoos by their wood carving-like style.

Ornamental tattoos are trending this summer because of the many ways you can wear them. Minimalists, for example, enjoy this type of skin art because they can be dainty, sticker-like art pieces that look good on any body part. Others enjoy the ornamental style simply because of the bold statements they can make with geometric shapes. No matter your preference, if you are looking for a new tattoo, you may want to consider the timeless look of the ornamental tattoo.

Fine line ornamental tattoos

One of the most popular types of ornamental styles is the fine-line tattoo. It's a perfect design for those looking at more subtle and narrative ink. Some people like the design to trail down a body part, and others may want the tattoo artist to decorate their fingers, ears, or neckline. This is the perfect choice for a first tattoo.

Bold line ornamental

If you're looking to make a big statement or have a design or cultural symbol you'd like to stand out with, you may be interested in the bold-lined ornamental tattoo. These tattoos look just like how they sound — striking. They may take two or three sessions to complete, but the finished look can be impressive and eye-catching.

Complete color

Because people are interested in decorative styles when it comes to their ornamental skin art, it is no surprise that these tattoos look beautiful with bright colors. Some people, for instance, enjoy eccentric patterns that artists can create with multiple colors, while others can choose a single bold color for the entire ornamental piece.

Full back tattoo

Ornamental tattoos can be made up of several complicated patterns and shapes, which may require a larger space to complete. That being said, full back, arms, legs, and even body ornamental tattoos can be seen as more common. After all, artists mix styles between thin lines and bold, giving you a beautiful piece of art on your body.

Geometric design

If you can find a tattoo artist who loves a challenge and is incredibly detailed, you may want to consider a geometric ornamental tattoo. These geometry-focused designs are considered sacred symbols of culture and family (via Certified Tattoo Studios). These tattoos may take more than one sitting to complete. However, they are perfect for a person who likes to build on to their tattoos with each visit.

Wedding ring ornamental

Aside from wearing rings and arranging an entire ceremony to make it official, some are opting for a more permanent way to commit to their significant others — ornamental tattoos. Because these designs can be quite delicate, they can be perfect for finger tattoos. In fact, a handful may choose ornamental finger tattoos instead of wedding rings.

Dot work tattoo

Another way that people are choosing to add to the art on their skin is by having the tattoo artist employ dot work to their designs. Tattoo artists can make the permanent ink an optical illusion with pointillism, a style of dots, and work towards a more sufficient collection of specks to make a larger image. Others use the spots of ink to make the tattoo look sleek and minimalistic. Luckily, these small tattoos look great on the arm, wrist, or collarbone.