Constellation Piercings: The Most Magical Way To Customize Your Ear Jewelry

Calling all lovers of delicate things! Here's a jewelry trend that will be right up your alley. Constellation piercings, a timeless trend that is easy to try, is just as dreamy and magical as it sounds. Wondering what it is? Take it from the expert: Sam Hayler, the head piercer at jewelry brand Astrid & Miyu. "Constellation piercings are a group of multiple piercings that are placed to create unique patterns and stacks on your ear," he tells Byrdie. "These are referred to as constellations, as they look like star constellations in the sky."

The real beauty of the multiple earrings trend lies in the fact that it can be interpreted differently by the individual trying it out, and in a number of ways. It can also be a quick and aesthetic fix for a piercing gone wrong as it allows you to make a beautiful design around it that takes attention away from the mistake.

Do keep in mind though that the placement of the piercing is dictated by the kind of jewelry you propose to wear in that area. So, if you start out with a smattering of tiny studs in your ear lobe, suddenly switching to hoops may end up looking messy. Don't worry though, when done right, this jewelry trend can look great on everyone.

Start small and simple

Any new trend can be intimidating at first, but if you start small, you can always choose to build on the look later. In this case, three tiny pieces including two differently-shaped studs, and a small gold hoop, come together for a pretty and striking constellation piercing look. In case you were wondering about when to get the piercings, rest assured it is certainly possible get more than one piercing in a sitting.

Hoops come in all shapes and sizes

If you prefer a cheeky look over a dainty one when it comes to your jewelry style, opt for hoops in differing shapes and sizes. Take inspiration from this fashionista who expertly fits five danglers of varying lengths into her five closely pierced holes. The tiny hoop on the inner upper lobe provides some extra pizzazz to her overall look.

Mix and match for ultimate freedom

A constellation-piercing grouping doesn't have to be limited to pieces that perfectly match one another. The whole point of a unique piercing arrangement is to let loose and get creative, after all. If you're a rebel at heart, experiment by mixing different gems, metals, stud shapes, hoops, and chains into a grouping that screams you.

Or, go perfectly coordinated

If the thought of an explosion of mismatched, brightly colored earrings grouped together on your ear makes you cringe, simply go in the other direction. Choose your favorite metal and gem color, and then choose earrings that fall within those limits for your constellation piercings. A variety of shapes and styles can be enough to show both your personality and your inherent love for all things neat and organized