Experimental Brows: The Trendy Way To Sculpt Your Face In An Instant

Eyebrow trends have fluctuated since the inception of beauty standards, which is to say, the beginning of humankind. And this is no exaggeration. The eyebrows of today, and all their clashing looks, are nothing less than the end result of all that history. All those trends are seemingly conglomerating today, allowing us to experiment to our heart's content. The dreamy appearance of perfectly arched brows, the practicality of bushy brows, and even the dramatic effect of zero hair on one's brow bone. All these preferences, going in and out of favor through the years, are beautiful in their unique way of framing a face.


And what's more? Women through the ages have always loved the experimentation of it all. They have all plucked one too many hairs, decided it wasn't a mistake, and plucked some more, just like we do. But how do we do it today, and how do we spice it up? Below are just a few ways you can do your own brow experimentation to arrive at your perfect, unique eyebrows.

Bleached brows

A common way to experiment with your eyebrows is to bleach them blonde, which you can do regardless of hair color. Many influencers and celebrities have hopped on and off this trend, including Bella Hadid herself, as a way to break up the monotony and shake up the beauty standard. And we're not opposed.


The beauty, or more accurately appeal, of bleached brows is the blank canvas effect to create without tipping over into no-brow land. You can leave them be, fill them in, or dye them crazy colors. The possibilities are endless, and we love them all.

No-tail eyebrows

Remember the fox eye trend? Many went so far as to get cosmetic procedures to achieve the slanted eyes look and brows that pull back into the hairline. Thankfully, surgery is not the only way to get this look. It can be achieved by shaving the ends of your eyebrows.


For most people, the tail-end of the eyebrow curves downward, sometimes causing an unflattering effect that weighs down the rest of one's features. By shaving the tip and letting the brow end on its highest point, you end up with results similar to a subtle ponytail lift.

Ultra-thin brows

The 90s models and everyday women used to love a stencil-perfect, pencil-thin brow. Personally, we think it's about time for this trend to make a comeback, and influencers agree. Beauty and fashion content creators, such as Cindy Kimberly, perfectly exemplify the power of a thinly plucked brow if done right. And let us be clear, this won't be everyone's cup of tea. Many people rue the days of over-plucking and the long-term results.


However, if you want to participate in this throwback brow trend but fear regret, we suggest using an eyebrow filter on yourself before tweezing away.

Disheveled brows

We're way past the days of perfectly drawn checkmark eyebrows, and soap brow days have similarly come and gone. What haven't we done? Embrace the messy disheveled nature of eyebrow hair, for one. Even good gel sometimes fails to keep all those little hairs in place, so why not be intentional about it?


All you need to do is to tame your natural brow shape. Tweeze only the necessary hair, trim minimally and comb your brows with no gel. We promise your makeup will look just as stunning and more natural. Let those caterpillars do their thing.

Shaved brows

Last and most dramatic is the bare brow look. That's right, fully shaved eyebrows. This certainly won't appeal to everyone, but for those who take their brow experimentation seriously, this will likely happen sooner rather than later. And it can look absolutely stunning.


While there is no way to style hair that isn't there, you'll often find that to maintain the bare look, you need to add some concealer or foundation to the area. After all, brow hair grows fast, and going a few days without shaving them constantly requires covering up the shadowy stubble.