What The Summer Solstice Could Mean For Your Relationships

Back in April, the Spring Equinox reminded us all to emerge from our winter hibernation and embrace the rebirth and rejuvenation of the world around us. Spring has sprung past in a flash, and the summer solstice is quickly approaching. This means it's time to get ready to move into Mother Nature's next phase in her annual journal: sunny summer. Remember all those seeds of new goals and ideas you planted back at the beginning of spring? It's time to nurture them and watch them as they grow.


In 2023, the summer solstice on June 21 will act as a bridge that leads us into a major transit that will shine a bright spotlight on our relationships. If any of your relationships are already on shaky ground, this summer could signify a major turning point in their direction. Join us on a deep dive of what this transition into a summer marked by Venus retrograde might mean for you and the people in your life.

Sun enters Cancer

Each year, the summer solstice announces the arrival of the sun in the warm, maternal sign of Cancer, as per The Cut. Cancer is ruled by the emotional moon and is all about inner work. This ties perfectly into the themes of the solstice, which are centered around quietly nurturing all your baby ideas as they emerge from their spring conception. Cancer season also reminds you to take the time to care for yourself and your loved ones.


The sun will be poised in Cancer from June 21 until July 22. This is when you should assess the emotional connections in your life and check in with your loved ones about how they're feeling within your relationship. These check-ins and assessments are a good idea at this time every year. However, they are especially important this summer in preparation for the potential relationship mayhem that could be introduced by Venus retrograde in Leo immediately following the summer solstice kicking off summer and Cancer season

Venus retrograde in Leo

The summer solstice shifts us into Cancer season and the two work together to create a calm vibe of inner magic and outer nurturing. That is until the next summer shift arrives. On July 22, the ripening energy of the solstice and Cancer will give way as the sun and a retrograding Venus moves into Leo, as per Astrology.com. On a dime, the deep self-love and emotional nourishment you've been feeling throughout Cancer season could shift into a lion-sized portion of egotism.


Venus, the planet of love, appears to travel backwards when in retrograde. The same can be said for your relationships during this time. Venus retrograde can elicit feelings of stuckness, boredom, or frustration in relationships. When combined with the bold nature of Leo season, it's worth taking special care not to blow up your most valued relationships this summer. Take extra time to assess whether or not any icky feelings springing up around your relationships are based on actual fact before acting on them until at least late August when the sun moves into Libra.