Stick-And-Poke Tattoos: The Low-Commitment Ink Trend Telling Stories On The Skin

If you've never gone to get a tattoo, the thought can be intimidating, especially if you're afraid of needles. However, if you've been wanting to face your fears and get at least one, you don't have to get a massive piece on your body. Stick-and-poke tattoos are a superb way to test the waters. They're smaller tattoos you can get anywhere — though they are most commonly done on your hand — that tell a story when looked at as a whole. Instead of tattooing a large piece on your thigh, for example,  stick-and-poke tattoos allow you to get creative with your designs. Plus, they're tiny, so there's room to get multiples done in a particular area.

Stick-and-poke tattoos are indeed trending. As tattoo artist Sydney Smith told PopSugar, "Essentially, people have been opting for small tattoos that can be placed together to form a larger cohesive design or can be stand-alone pieces that complement each other." The great thing about stick-and-poke tattoos is you can choose how many you want to be completed in one sitting. So, plan to get them all simultaneously, or start with just a couple and build your story over time. Even though they're smaller tattoos, they can still have personal meanings that hold significance.

Add a few key phrases

With stick-and-poke tattoos, you often create a theme and tell a story. Adding a couple of phrases can help get your message across if you're unsure of what symbols or images to use. This hand tattoo includes multiple stars, greenery, a sword, and a few short phrases. The words "Why not" and "VIS TA VIE" — which translates to "live your life" — show us that this person intends to live their life to the fullest. 

Opt for a celestial theme

Celestial-themed stick-and-poke tattoos give hands the right amount of sparkle. Let them shine with various-sized stars across your fingers. Add a few extra designs, like the moon or planets, to complement the theme. Stars and constellations have various meanings, but by and large, they'll show others how you have hope and ambition.

Add essential dates or numbers

Tattooing a memorable date can remind you of what happened that day whenever you see it. Add days or years to reflect on and have an anecdote ready for when people ask you for its meaning. You can also include designs that might further commemorate that special date. Connecting your tattoos in this way makes them symbols of beautiful stories to tell.

Create a geometric tattoo

The fun thing about tattoos, in general, is that they can be interpreted however you intend. But some tattoos don't necessarily need to have an explanation. If you enjoy the look of a specific design, recreate it! There's no need to have a story behind it. Stick-and-poke tattoos give you the flexibility to create something you think will look mind-blowing. For example, this geometric hand tattoo mirrors and connects to the other hand. It's bold and eccentric. 

Combine greenery and stars

If you enjoy glimmering stars but don't want your entire hand covered, intertwine some greenery throughout the design. While stars could mean many things, like hope and strength, they can also signify interconnectedness and persistence. On the other hand, greenery tattoos represent life cycles.Therefore, tattooing stars and leaves together can signify that you stay strong and hopeful even after significant life changes.